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10 Ways to Add Texture to a Room

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Interior decorating is about more than complimentary colors and furniture placement (although those elements are important). Proper décor considers the element of texture as well. Here are some tips for adding texture to any room in your home.

Texturize the walls

Perhaps it sounds obvious, but many people fail to think of the impact walls make in a room. Go to your local hardware store and purchase so wall texturizer, “mud”, to apply to one or more walls in a room. Once the texture has been applied, you can paint over it for an entirely new look.


You can use light to create the illusion of texture, or you can actually have textured fixtures to add variety to the room. A chandelier or a lampshade of a different fabric can break up the visual monotony. Track lighting and strategically place lamps give you the opportunity to create texture with light and shadows.


The beauty of houseplants is that they have a texture of their own. Ferns have a different texture than ivy, which has a different texture than a Fichus tree. Additionally, plants aid the air quality in your home by releasing oxygen and taking in carbon dioxide. Plants can be used as centerpieces or stand in a corner on their own.

Wonder Wheels Abstract Metal Wall Hanging

Wonder Wheels Abstract Metal Wall Hanging


If your bed lacks a headboard, or if the headboard texture blends with the rest of the bedroom, consider hanging some large wrought iron décor on the wall behind your bed. It gives the illusion of a headboard or adds variety to an existing headboard.

Beaded Vine Handcrafted Metal Wall Mirror

Beaded Vine Handcrafted Metal Wall Mirror

Frames or mirrors

Interior designers and realtors alike will tell you that mirrors make a room look larger than it actually is. Contemporary artists are using mirrors three-dimensionally to create wonderfully elaborate wall designs. For a simple, inexpensive textural change, buy some old frames at a garage sale or a thrift store, spray paint them all the same accent color and hang them in a pattern on a wall for some geometric texture.

Antiquities Candle Wall Art

Antiquities Candle Wall Art


A large, complimentary piece of art will add texture provided it is a textured piece. Unless a room is filled with shag carpet and wicker baskets, a flat painted portrait will not add the texture you desire. Consider candle wall art, metal wall art or 3-dimensional art to add some excitement to the room.


It’s not talked about often these days because it was overused in recent decades, but wallpaper is still a viable decorative tool. Rather than wallpapering an entire room with textured paper, consider papering just one accent wall for a little variety.


Accent a hardwood floor with a textured rug, or use a Berber carpet in a room filled with flat and satiny linens.


Throw pillows are a decorator’s best friend. They add color, dimension and texture to almost any room. Use pillows with different fabrics on your couch or bed to add texture. Suede, cotton, satin or beaded pillows provide multiple textures without breaking the bank.

Window treatments

Blinds, valances and curtains are all ways to add texture to a room provided they are made of different materials than the furniture nearby.