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Window Decals That Make Your Home Safer

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012
Traditional Barn Star Metal Wall Sculpture

Traditional Barn Star Metal Wall Sculpture

Homeowners know all about the locks and chains that are needed on their doors to keep their home safe, but they overlook some very simple safety tips that can provide additional safety.  Window decals of all sorts are available to be used in home windows that may deter thefts and even protect your glass from being shattered.  While the ideas below cannot guarantee that your home will never be burglarized or broken into, they can help deter such actions from occurring.

Alarm Company Decals

If a potential burglar sees window decals advertising that your home is protected by a security company, he is much more likely to move on to a neighbor’s home where no such signs are displayed.  If your home is protected and monitored by a security alarm company, proudly display their signs in your front windows, as well as other easily accessible points.  While you may think the decals look gaudy and unattractive, they are there to help protect your home from being ransacked and vandalized, so it is worth the risk.  If your home is not protected by an alarm company, you can also get decals made that advertise a fake alarm company.  Many decal companies offer these surfaces and you can designate the design and wording, or go with one that they have pre-designed.  It may seem like a hassle, but an inexpensive decal could mean the difference in a safe home.

Window Tint and Protective Shatter Proof Film

While these may not seem like window decals, they actually are.  Protective shatter proof film is a large window decal that fits the size and shape of your window and helps to keep the glass from shattering inwards in case of break.  This is especially beneficial for easily accessible windows on the ground floor, basement and even children’s bedroom windows.  In addition to helping to protect the interior of the home, it also strengthens the glass and makes it more shatter resistant.  Window tint is slightly different, in that its main purpose is to keep prying eyes out.  Just like on car windows, it filters out the light and makes it more difficult to see inside.  This not only makes it harder for people to see what is inside the home, but also cuts down on sun glare and furniture fading.

Fire Decals

Most fire departments will happily give out fire safety decals to place on your windows.  The most common ones include those that indicate where children are sleeping, and how many pets are in the house.  This lets firefighters know where they need to get to first in case of a structural fire at night.  Most of these decals are reflective and should be placed prominently in the window to ensure that they can be seen.  The pet indicator decals are typically available from animal shelters and large pet supply stores, as well.

If you are looking for ways to keep your home safe, do not discount the use of window decals.  They can make a thief keep on going to the next house and lead firefighters to a child’s bedroom in case of a nighttime fire.  They are inexpensive, and while not the most attractive window decorations, they are, by far, the most important ones.