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Using Orange in Tropical Decor

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

When people think of tropical decor, the bright blues, greens, teals, and yellows usually come to mind.  For those who think that this might be the only option for tropical decor, there is actually another option.  Orange is being seen more and more in tropical metal wall decor and offers a colorful and more sophisticated alternative to the bright, tropical hues so common in decorating.  The two pieces below are excellent examples of how orange cannot only add color, but truly capture the look and feel of the Caribbean.


The Palm Pleasures Hand-Painted Metal Wall Hanging Set of 4 features a glorious palm tree fanning out over the colors of a tropical sunset.  The orange, green, red, and brown colors combine to provide a distinctive look for any room.  It measures 51-inches wide by 24-inches high and is made up of four separate panels.  Its size makes it ideal for a large wall where a striking focal point is needed.


Unlike the piece above, the Caribbean Foliage Hand-Crafted Metal Wall Art Hanging is ideal for a smaller wall.  It measures 32-inches high by 12-inches wide and features a hodgepodge of tropical leaves.  The orange and silver color scheme captures the Caribbean feel without overpowering the rest of the room’s decor.

Let metal wall art pieces help you provide a more sophisticated tropical decor for your room.  The orange coloring offers an unusual and eye-catching alternative that cannot be seen in all Caribbean-styled pieces.  With the right wall art, your room can be a sophisticated and posh tropical retreat.

Tropical Decor Gone Wild

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Tropical decor is typically perceived as being all about palm trees, bright Caribbean colors, and beach scenes.  However, there is another side to tropical metal wall decor that offers a much more natural option.  Using animals in the decor is one way to capture the essence of the tropics without overpowering the room with colors that may be too bold and bright for every room.

yhst-23119701400359_2208_311246176The Rain Forest Frog Trio Metal Wall Hanging is a great example of how tropical metal art does not have to be about bold colors and can be more in tune with other decorating colors.  The trio of 7.25-inch high by 7.25-inch wide frogs are done in shades of green, bronze, gold, and brown.  They offer a fun and unique perspective on tropical metal art.

yhst-23119701400359_2208_291435653If something a little more ocean oriented is more to your liking, the Dolphin Divers Metal Wall Sculpture is just the piece.  Designed in a circular shape, the 21.25-inch high by 20.25-inch wide piece features a gorgeous trio of dolphins leaping from the vibrant blue, swirling ocean.  The details and light illusions of the piece make it an extremely eye-catching focal point for any room.  It is also versatile enough to be used in decors other than a tropical one.

Break free of the traditional colors and designs of tropical decor.  Let depictions of tropical wildlife give you the beautiful look and feel that you are after in your tropical room.  The right metal wall art pieces can help you achieve the look you want.

Take the Chill Out of Cold Weather with Tropical Decor

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Where do people want to be when they are bundled up in winter coats with snow and ice lashing at their cheeks?  They want to be on a tropical beach, of course!  If taking a trip to a sunny locale is not in the budget this winter, bring a bit of the tropics home to you.  With tropical metal wall art, you can change the look and feel of any room in your house to reflect the warmth and fun of a warmer location.

yhst-23119701400359_2184_603310371The Beach Cottage with Palm Trees Metal Wall Art sculpture is a perfect example of where you would rather be when the wind and snow are howling outdoors.  This colorful piece features an adorable beach cottage surrounded by gentle palm trees, a relaxing beach chair, and a hammock that calls for you to come and lounge.  It measures just over 23-inches wide and slightly less than 9-inches high.  The green, orange, yellow, white, blue, and multi-colored design make it an easy piece to fit into any room’s decor.

yhst-23119701400359_2184_594933815If you need a piece that is slightly bolder, but just as tropical, the Coconut Palm Tree Pair Metal Wall Sculpture is just the artwork for you.  It measures 16-inches high and just over 15-inches wide.  The brighter shades of green, blue, orange, yellow and brown, make it a more whimsical piece that would work in any fun decor.

This winter do not stay stuck in the cold.  Use a metal wall art sculpture to break free of the parka and land you in a tropical state of mind.  With the right wall art pieces, you will feel warmer in no time at all.