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Tropical Decor Gone Wild

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Tropical decor is typically perceived as being all about palm trees, bright Caribbean colors, and beach scenes.  However, there is another side to tropical metal wall decor that offers a much more natural option.  Using animals in the decor is one way to capture the essence of the tropics without overpowering the room with colors that may be too bold and bright for every room.

yhst-23119701400359_2208_311246176The Rain Forest Frog Trio Metal Wall Hanging is a great example of how tropical metal art does not have to be about bold colors and can be more in tune with other decorating colors.  The trio of 7.25-inch high by 7.25-inch wide frogs are done in shades of green, bronze, gold, and brown.  They offer a fun and unique perspective on tropical metal art.

yhst-23119701400359_2208_291435653If something a little more ocean oriented is more to your liking, the Dolphin Divers Metal Wall Sculpture is just the piece.  Designed in a circular shape, the 21.25-inch high by 20.25-inch wide piece features a gorgeous trio of dolphins leaping from the vibrant blue, swirling ocean.  The details and light illusions of the piece make it an extremely eye-catching focal point for any room.  It is also versatile enough to be used in decors other than a tropical one.

Break free of the traditional colors and designs of tropical decor.  Let depictions of tropical wildlife give you the beautiful look and feel that you are after in your tropical room.  The right metal wall art pieces can help you achieve the look you want.

Seasonal Tree Art

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Sometimes you want your decor to match the look and feel of the seasons.  In cases such as these, it is important to have wall art that reflects the seasonal changes and gives you the look that you want.  That effect can be seen through the use of leaves and trees metal wall art.  The change in wall art images can offer a quick, seasonal change in your room’s decor.


Winter brings with it the icy chill of snow and ice.  The Icy Limbs Handcrafted Trees Metal Wall Hanging perfectly captures that look and lends a distinctly snowy feel to any room’s decor.  The 32-inch high by 12-inch wide wall sculpture is perfect for a small wall.  The blue and silver coloring lends itself to the cool winter colors that create your wintery decor.


Summer’s decor takes a turn for the tropics and tropical metal wall art is the way to go.  The Swaying Palm Tree Handcrafted Metal Wall Art sculpture captures the warm, breezy, and beachy feel of summer.  It measures 32-inches high by 12-inches wide and is the ideal accent piece for your summery decor.  The blues, greens and browns blend together to assure a fine match with any color scheme.

Let the use of tree representations in wall at help you achieve the seasonal looks that you desire.  Your decor will seem to fit perfectly from season to season with only a few minor decorating changes.  Metal wall art can help give you the look and feel that you desire.

Decorating the Beach House

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Finding the right wall art for the beach house can be challenging.  There is always the desire to stay true to the beach house feel without becoming to gaudy or overdoing it.  Abstract metal wall art and nautical metal art are always good choices for beach house wall decor, as they offer the feel you want without the visual chaos that too many decorations can provide.  The two pieces below work well in harmony, as well as, on their own for a unique beach house design.

yhst-23119701400359_2202_69041253The Underwater Motion 3D Hand-Painted Fish Metal Wall Art sculpture is a beautiful piece.  It measures 25-inches high by 25-inches wide and features three dimensional sea fish swimming across a background of blue, rust, gold, and silver.  The piece is perfect for adding visual interest and a beach house feel to any decor.

yhst-23119701400359_2202_34114024Another piece that combines the subtle colors of the sea with the beauty of metal wall art is the Anchors Away Hand-Painted 3D Sailboat Metal Wall Sculpture.  This 25-inch by 25-inch square sculpture is done in shades of silver, gold, blue, and white.  The three dimensional rendition of the sailboat sits atop the blue sea background.

Whether you are looking for a piece that captures life above the ocean or life below it, metal wall art can provide it for you.  With the right pieces, your beach house will be the comfortable and relaxing space you want it to be.  Discover the beauty of metal wall art today.

Wall Decor for Summer

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

When you think of the summer, sun and bright colors come to mind.  The excitement of the season seeps into the colors that swirl in our minds’ eye to create a beautiful design.  The artists who created the modern metal wall art pieces below surely must have had summer on their minds when they crafted these sculptures.  Not only are they right and cheerful, but they are just the right dose of summer for any home’s decor.


Soak up the sun with the Sunburst Symphony Abstract Four-Piece Aluminum Wall Hanging.  This impressively sized four-piece panel spans a width of 51-inches and stands 24-inches tall.  It features a swirling blue and silver center from which a burst of sunshine and light rays emerge.  The combination of light blue, gold, brown and silver make for a beautiful design.


If amusement park fun comes to mind when you think of summer, the Primary Blaze Abstract Handmade Metal Wall Hanging captures all of the color and fun that can be had on a hot summer night.  The curving lines of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple seem to crackle with electricity beneath the silver lines.  The pieces is generously sized at 65-inches wide to be the perfect accent for an oversized wall.

Let modern metal wall art help you find the look you are after.  With bright colors and swirling lines, summer is just a wall sculpture away.  Choose the image that best matches your ideal lazy summer day.

Fun Color in Wall Decor

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

There is always something fun and exciting about adding cheerful colors to walls.  When it comes to modern metal wall art, there are plenty of opportunities to add pieces that are bold and exciting.  The pieces below, while exciting in their own right, are more happy and cheerful in their design than they are confrontational.  The colors are a bit unusual, but they are pieces that will make your decor light up with joy.


If you have ever wondered what it might be like to paint with berries, the Berry Pickin’ Abstract Six-Panel Metal Wall Hanging would be a good indication of what fun it would be.  Done in shades of silver and red raspberry, the six-panel piece is fun, bold, and cheerful in its design.  The swirling lines span the width of 65-inches and the height of 24-inches to offer a piece that will fill a large wall with bright color and emotion.


What better way to go berry picking than in a pair of blue jeans?  The Blue Jean Sheen Six-Panel Abstract Metal Wall Hanging is another large paneled sculpture that offers a unique color and design.  The swirling denim colored lines race across the 65-inch width of the six-panels and grace the 24-inch height.  The silver and blue combine to offer a fun and carefree feel.

Fun colors may not be the norm, but they make for a beautiful decor.  Let the more unusual colors found in metal wall art grace your home’s interior.  With the right piece, you will have the most cheerful decor in town.

Artwork with Natural Appeal

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

There is something special about adding artwork to a room that has a touch of nature’s influence.  Leaves and trees metal wall art offer some of the most diverse pieces around.  Not only are they designed with natural metal elements, but they also depict some of the most interesting and intriguing looks available in wall decor.  The two pieces below, although different, both evoke a different style in decor while capturing that natural feel that is so important in home decor.

yhst-23119701400359_2195_129219578The Forest MoonRise Four-Panel Handcrafted Metal Wall Art sculpture captures the beauty of nature in the still of the night.  Leafless trees are outlined by the gently rising moon in this abstract scene.  Done all in silver, it is the perfect piece for a dining room that has a cool decorating style.  At 51-inches wide by 24-inches high and 2-inches deep, the large wall art piece is designed to make an instant impact in any room.

yhst-23119701400359_2194_33322350Softer and much more feminine than the piece above, the Burnished Dahlia Hand Painted Aluminum Wall Art Panel is a single panel piece with a lot of personality.  At 32-inches high by 12-inches wide and standing at a depth of 2-inches, this silver, orange and gold floral piece is perfect for a bedroom or any room with a soft, feminine decor influence.

Whether you add a touch of nature by incorporating trees or flowers into the room’s design, there is no denying that nature adds a special touch.  Finding the right metal wall art sculpture to capture the look of your room is worth the effort and not so difficult to do.  The perfect wall art sculpture will make all the difference in your room’s decor.

Accenting Colorful Walls with Silver

Sunday, December 25th, 2011

Large walls with a lot of color on them can be challenging to decorate.  There are not a lot of pieces of artwork that can stand up to rooms that have strong wall colors, but abstract metal wall art is one that can.  The pieces below are great examples of how a monochromatic color scheme in a piece of art can still make a big impact on a large space.  If you are searching for just the right artwork for your home’s oversized walls, the silver pieces below might just be perfect.

yhst-23119701400359_2189_154348032Experience the eye of the storm created with hand painted lines and swirls on the silver metal background in this large sculpture.  The Eye of the Storm Abstract Six-Panel Hand Painted Metal Wall Art sculpture measures 65-inches in width and is 24-inches high.  The panels combine to create a strong sense of movement and design.  Done entirely in silver, the piece is perfect for complimenting any colorful wall in the contemporary home.

yhst-23119701400359_2189_147742510Twisting and spiraling in all directions, the Altered Ego Abstract Handmade Six-Panel Aluminum Wall Art sculpture engages the eye across the length of the piece.  The six-panels work together to offer homeowners 65-inches of width, 24-inches of height, and 2-inches of depth in the artwork.  The twisted bundle of lines is hand painted and done entirely in silver.  This makes is a great option for accenting a colorful wall.

Let silver artwork pieces enhance your room’s oversized and colorful walls.  Metal wall art is the perfect choice for creating a look that cannot be matched.  With metal and silver combined, your room will look amazing.

A Collision of Color

Saturday, December 24th, 2011

Modern metal wall art never disappoints when it comes to providing a piece that is striking and colorful.  One of the most beautiful depictions is that of the rainbow.  The collision of color that these pieces provide is an instant focal point for any room.  Use them to decorate a large space or to accent a small space or hallway for maximum effect.  They come in all sizes to match the needs of your room’s walls.

yhst-23119701400359_2189_152346652For the large room, you need a large metal wall art sculpture that spans the length of the wall.  The Edge of the Rainbow Six-Panel Hand Painted Aluminum Wall Art sculpture is the perfect piece for such a space.  When placed together with a few inches in-between them, the four panels cover a space that measures 65-inches in width and is 24-inches high.  Each panel has with a depth of 2-inches that helps create the distinctive look you need in an oversized space.

yhst-23119701400359_2188_82059685For a smaller room, the 32-inch high by 12-inch wide Rainbow’s Edge Abstract Aluminum Wall Hanging combines the beauty of a multi-colored piece with the size constrictions that you need.  The combination of silver, electric blue, green, orange and gold create a stunning display.  The vertically hung piece helps draw the eye up and around the room.

Let rainbow coloring enhance the look and feel of your room.  Metal wall art can help you achieve the look you are after with minimal effort.  Choose the piece that will fill the size of your room’s walls while still giving you the look you want and need.

Decorating Your First Home as a Couple

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

There are few times more exciting than when purchasing your first home as a couple.  Whether you have been with your partner for years or just got married, that first home is a big step and decorating it can be a challenge.  Many young couples like the look of simplistic, modern decor and finding just the right pieces to create that look is not easy.  By limiting the color scheme of the room and selecting modern metal wall art pieces, the odds of selecting just the right pieces is much easier.  The two pieces below use silver as their primary color and offer all of the romance and modern simplicity that you could ever want.

yhst-23119701400359_2177_318543058The Promise of Forever Handcrafted Abstract Six-Piece Metal Wall Hanging is a delicate swirl of lines that interlock and offer a feeling of promise and hope.  Measuring in at 65-inches wide and 24-inches high, this six panel set is ideal for the large wall where a definite focal point is needed.  Done completely in silver, it provides that contemporary feel without being cold and impersonal.

yhst-23119701400359_2177_298216482Happiness and joy are reflected in the fun, swirling lines of the next piece.  The Blissful Beginnings Abstract Hand Painted Metal Wall Art Set of 6 is a beautiful example of how a modern piece can also provide warmth that is typically not found in contemporary designs.  It measures 65-inches wide and stands 24-inches high in a series of six striking panels.

Modern metal art does not have to be cold, but it can give you the contemporary look you are after.  Use solid color pieces with smooth designs to get the feel you want.  With the right artwork, your new home will be amazing.

The Magnificent Moon in Decor

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Many decorators think of adding sun-inspired pieces to their decor, but few consider the option of the moon.  The abstract tree and leaf metal wall art sculptures below challenge the notion that the moon is not a viable option for decor.  Their strong personalities light the way for inspired decor and include enough vest and personality to make a statement in any room.

yhst-23119701400359_2171_56910792The Once Upon a Blue Moon Metal Wall Art Set of Four Panels brings abstract art to a whole new level.  It features a gentle bowing tree beneath a brilliant night sky.  Done in shades of red, gold, green, purple, blue, and black, this large piece is perfect for any oversized wall.  It measures 23.5-inches high by 48-inches wide and stands out an impressive 2.5-inches from the wall.  The rainbow colors are a brilliant contrast to the moon motif.

yhst-23119701400359_2171_57332701If you want something a bit less colorful, but equally powerful in design, the Beneath Blue Skies Three-Panel Handmade Metal Wall Hanging is the piece that might work for you.  The three panels of this piece combine to measure in at 23.5-inches high by 36-inches wide and 2.5-inches deep.  The old growth tree is depicted beneath the bright blue of the moonlight.

Let your decor be inspired by the moonlight with metal wall art sculptures.  These unique pieces are sure to add life and vitality to your room’s decor with their simple, yet brilliant design.  Metal wall art pieces are perfect for adding the visual interest you want in any room.