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Green Decorating: Creating an Ocean Theme Living Room

Thursday, August 30th, 2012
Blue Bubbles Hand-Painted Metal Wall Hanging Panel

Blue Bubbles Hand-Painted Metal Wall Hanging Panel

When your living room is ready to be redecorated, you have a lot of choices for decor available to you.  Everything from modern and funky to nature inspired decor is open for discussion as you begin to contemplate how to decorate.

One great theme to use in any living room is an ocean theme.  It allows you to pull the calming colors of nature into the look of the room, while also using natural, green elements that can save you money and stretch your budget for other items.

Wall Colors

There are two main colors that can be successfully used to pull off an ocean theme room.  A pale, ocean blue and white are the two main contenders.  Ocean blue is great to use if you are in an airy, light room with a lot of windows.  White is perfect for those smaller rooms with less natural lighting.  No matter which color you choose, purchase paint that is eco-friendly and will not leave strong odors in your home after use.  This is especially important if you have allergy sensitive family members who cannot handle the smell of paint.

Blue Waves Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture

Blue Waves Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture

Wall Décor

After the walls are painted, one of the easiest ways to decorate them is to frame pictures of your family from a recent trip to the beach.  On ocean blue walls, white frames look stunning, while ocean blue frames look great on a white wall background.  Take a few frames and line them up on a wall shelf or hang them in a straight line across the wall.  This will help pull the beach theme around the room and provide personal appeal to those who live in the home.  There is nothing like seeing happy memories from the beach to make a room feel special.

Set of Two Seashell Metal Wall Sculptures

Set of Two Seashell Metal Wall Sculptures

Making Use of Shells

Instead of purchasing a lot of accessories, try to keep your ocean or beach theme room relatively clutter free.  Instead of a massive centerpiece on the coffee table, have a worn, wooden bowl filled with sea shells that your children have gathered.  After they have been washed and dried, they are perfect for adding an authentic feel to the room and cost you nothing.  They also offer children something fun to play with and arrange into groups and piles.  Any large sea shells that you find or purchase can be displayed on bookshelves, mantels or side tables.

Furniture Colors

If you can find slipcovers for your existing furniture, that will be the most inexpensive option for redecorating.  White slipcovers are perfect for a beach room, but for families with small children or pets, you might think that white will be too much of a hassle. But many people prefer white slipcovers because it’s easy to tell when it’s time to launder them and they can be tossed into the washer with a whitening laundry booster and they’re ready to go again. However, if your prefer, a deep gray or dark blue works equally as well and will not have to be laundered because of hand prints or dirt stains quite so often.

Creating an ocean theme living room is a great way to bring back the memories of a fun family vacation and also save on redecorating costs.  Do not be afraid to make ample use of the souvenirs and postcards that you bring home from your vacation, as they can make stunning accessories in any beach room.  With a little paint, a few great pictures and some classic seashells, there is nothing stopping you from creating a beautiful room.