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Seasonal Tree Art

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Sometimes you want your decor to match the look and feel of the seasons.  In cases such as these, it is important to have wall art that reflects the seasonal changes and gives you the look that you want.  That effect can be seen through the use of leaves and trees metal wall art.  The change in wall art images can offer a quick, seasonal change in your room’s decor.


Winter brings with it the icy chill of snow and ice.  The Icy Limbs Handcrafted Trees Metal Wall Hanging perfectly captures that look and lends a distinctly snowy feel to any room’s decor.  The 32-inch high by 12-inch wide wall sculpture is perfect for a small wall.  The blue and silver coloring lends itself to the cool winter colors that create your wintery decor.


Summer’s decor takes a turn for the tropics and tropical metal wall art is the way to go.  The Swaying Palm Tree Handcrafted Metal Wall Art sculpture captures the warm, breezy, and beachy feel of summer.  It measures 32-inches high by 12-inches wide and is the ideal accent piece for your summery decor.  The blues, greens and browns blend together to assure a fine match with any color scheme.

Let the use of tree representations in wall at help you achieve the seasonal looks that you desire.  Your decor will seem to fit perfectly from season to season with only a few minor decorating changes.  Metal wall art can help give you the look and feel that you desire.

Feeling Blue

Friday, April 27th, 2012

There are many different shades of blue that are used in decorating.  Everything from blues that are reminiscent of old-world styling to blues that are bold and electrifying.  In fact, blue is one of the most common colors used in modern metal wall art.  It is a color that evokes a wide variety of emotions and decorating options.  The two pieces below capture the vibrant feel that the color blue can offer, but in different ways.  How you use them in your decor depends on what you want to achieve with your decorating.


Swirling and cascading, the blue lines of the Sapphire Adoration Hand-Painted Aluminum Wall Hanging Set of 4 capture both a sense of calm and a sense of urgency all at once.  The piece is comprised of a set of four individual panels that, together, make up a beautiful abstract wall art piece.  It measures 51-inches wide by 24-inches high and is 2-inches deep.  The blue on blue is perfect for a room with that color palette.


Long and slender, the Dazzled by Blue Handcrafted Aluminum Wall Art Pair features a beautiful swish of blue and silver coloring.  It resembles a breaking wave and draws the eye down and around the piece.  Each piece measures 32-inches high by 6-inches wide which makes it a great choice for a narrow wall.

Modern metal art knows that the color blue offers that beautiful and unique look that so many homeowners want to capture.  Use the pieces above to create the look and feel that will bring the most life to your home.  Metal wall art can help.

Animal Wall Art

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Movement and visual impact are important when it comes to wall art.  Some of the most striking pieces are northern wilderness wildlife metal decor.  These pieces capture both the look and feel of movement while offering a strong animal presence.  The two examples below are perfect for adding a unique look to your home’s decor.


The Fury of the Bull Hand-Painted Aluminum Wall Art Set of 4 is one piece that your guests will not forget.  It spans the width of 4 panels for a width of 51-inches, a height of 24-inches, and a depth of 2-inches.  Each panel measures 24-inches by 12-inches.  The orange, red, and black color scheme blend together to showcase the image of the raging bull that seems to burst from the panels.  It is ideal for a western or southwestern decor.


If fury is not what you want in your wall decor, but movement is necessary, the Brazen Stallions Handcrafted Four-Piece Aluminum Wall Hanging is a great alternative.  It features a trio of beautiful stallions galloping across four panels of copper, black, and silver coloring.  Each panel measures 24-inches high by 12-inches wide which makes it the perfect width for any large wall in your home.

Let the beauty of northern animals make a striking impact on your home’s decor.  The pieces above would work in many different decors and will add passion and movement to the space.  Metal wall art can help give you the look and feel you want in your home’s decor.

Swirling Color for Summer Wall Decor

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Summer is all about the light and airy feel of being outdoors and connected to nature.  Swirling forms and shapes in modern metal wall art not only offer a great look and feel, they also capture the spirit of summertime fun.  When fun colors combine to provide a visually interesting piece, there is no mistaking the impact it has on a room’s decor.  The two pieces below capture that in their form and design.

yhst-23119701400359_2201_120589372For the color lover, the Rainbow Implosion Handmade Metal Wall Art Hanging Set of 6 is the ideal modern piece.  This metal wall sculpture measures in at a combined width of 65-inches wide, a height of 24-inches, and a depth of 2-inches.  On a silver background, swirls of gold, red, blue, and green bound across the sculpture to create the feel of movement and fun.  Spruce up your everyday decor with this brilliant burst of color.

yhst-23119701400359_2201_123955890With just as much energy, but in shades of the summer sea, the Refreshed by Color Abstract Six-Panel Aluminum Wall Art Sculpture is a unique and lovely piece.  The combined width of 65-inches makes it perfect for a long wall composition.  Shades of sky blue and grass green swirl and flow on the silver background of the six panels.

Modern wall art is, by its very nature, unique and intriguing.  Combine the swirling colors and the flow of graceful lines and you have an instantly vibrant focal point for your home’s walls.  With the right wall decor piece, your contemporary home will capture the modern feel you are after.

Creating Motion on Large Walls

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Homes with large walls are majestic, but as the homeowners quickly find out, those large walls are often awkward and hard to decorate.  Their size requires unique pieces that encourage the eye to move around the room and focus on the rest of the decor, while also emphasizing the grandness of the space.  Modern metal wall art has the unique ability to provide those features with its collection of beautiful sculptures that span large walls in proportion to their size.  The two examples below are perfect pieces for accenting any large wall in the contemporary home.

yhst-23119701400359_2195_132713089Flowing, dipping, and turning, the Enchantment Unfolded Metal Wall Art Hanging Set of 6 panels is a gorgeous collection of color, movement, and design.  For a total width of 65-inches, a height of 24-inches, and a depth of 2-inches, this collection of six panels works together to provide that vital movement across the wall.  Done in shades of red, blue, gold, and silver, the colors blend together as their lines move and sway across the canvas.  The abstract form is ideal for any modern space.

yhst-23119701400359_2195_113764143Focusing more on the metallic colors, the Wanderlust Six-Panel Abstract Aluminum Wall Hanging features the same sense of movement across the wall.  It is done in shades of gold, silver, rust, and red for a more minimalistic look.  At 65-inches wide, 24-inches high, and 2-inches deep, it is a bold and impressive sculpture.

The flowing lines and metallic focus of the pieces makes metal wall art a great choice for accenting large walls.  The right piece can enhance any decor.  Let metal wall art give you the motion effect that you need on your oversized walls.

Calming Influence

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

When one thinks of modern art, the idea of it being calming is not usually something that is considered.  After all, modern art is known for being edgy and abstract.  While that is true for many pieces, modern metal wall art does have quite a few sculptures that have a calming influence.  They feature movement and color, but instead of creating cacophony on the walls, they invite the occupant to sit and relax for awhile.  The two pieces below are perfect examples of that calming influence.

Copy of yhst-23119701400359_2177_302048338The Edge of the Rainbow Six-Panel Hand Painted Aluminum Wall Art Set is a large and breathtaking set of panels that spans a width of 65-inches.  The four inner panels measure in at 24-inches high by 12-inches wide while the outer panels measure 26-inches high by 6-inches wide.  The gentle movement of electric blue, green, orange, gold and red lines on the silver background is perfect for adding visual interest while also filling a large wall.

yhst-23119701400359_2177_321756198The rich texture of the Seeking Solace Abstract Six-Panel Handcrafted Metal Wall Artwork piece adds to any room’s decor.  Measuring in at 65-inches wide by 24-inches high and with a depth of 2-inches, this oversized piece sculpture is perfect for the large room.  The combination of swirling green, black and silver provides a beautiful focal point that is both calming and serene.

Modern metal art does not have to be off limits if you want a room that is calm and relaxing.  The right piece for your space can definitely be found.  Let metal wall art help you get the look you want.