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Feeling Blue

Friday, April 27th, 2012

There are many different shades of blue that are used in decorating.  Everything from blues that are reminiscent of old-world styling to blues that are bold and electrifying.  In fact, blue is one of the most common colors used in modern metal wall art.  It is a color that evokes a wide variety of emotions and decorating options.  The two pieces below capture the vibrant feel that the color blue can offer, but in different ways.  How you use them in your decor depends on what you want to achieve with your decorating.


Swirling and cascading, the blue lines of the Sapphire Adoration Hand-Painted Aluminum Wall Hanging Set of 4 capture both a sense of calm and a sense of urgency all at once.  The piece is comprised of a set of four individual panels that, together, make up a beautiful abstract wall art piece.  It measures 51-inches wide by 24-inches high and is 2-inches deep.  The blue on blue is perfect for a room with that color palette.


Long and slender, the Dazzled by Blue Handcrafted Aluminum Wall Art Pair features a beautiful swish of blue and silver coloring.  It resembles a breaking wave and draws the eye down and around the piece.  Each piece measures 32-inches high by 6-inches wide which makes it a great choice for a narrow wall.

Modern metal art knows that the color blue offers that beautiful and unique look that so many homeowners want to capture.  Use the pieces above to create the look and feel that will bring the most life to your home.  Metal wall art can help.

Silver and Sleek Artwork for the Modern Home

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

The modern home requires artwork that is bold, sophisticated, and stylish.  Traditional framed prints are just not enough to capture the essence of the modern home’s design and decor.  Modern metal wall art, however, is ideal as it offers decorators the chance to include one of the coolest modern colors, silver, into their wall art designs.

yhst-23119701400359_2195_170306820The Personification of Sleek Handcrafted Aluminum Wall Art Set of 6 is a perfect example of how adding silver metal wall art to a room’s decor can enhance the look and feel of the space.  This six panel piece measures in at 65-inches wide by 24-inches high and with a depth of 2-inches.  The hand-painted abstract design that flows across the panels adds to the piece’s visual interest and intrigue.

yhst-23119701400359_2195_59563489If something with a splash of color is more to your liking, the Enthralled by Blue Abstract Six-Piece Aluminum Wall Art sculpture is a beautiful choice.  This six panel piece features a vibrant swirl of blue across panels of hand-painted silver.  It is impressively sized at 65-inches wide and 24-inches high.

Let the beauty of your modern home shine through with artwork that is appropriate for its design.  Taking the time to find the right artwork for your walls can guarantee a room that comes alive with life and personality.  Metal wall art can help you achieve the look you are after with its wide array of modern pieces that can fit with any home decorating budget.