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Decorating the Beach House

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Finding the right wall art for the beach house can be challenging.  There is always the desire to stay true to the beach house feel without becoming to gaudy or overdoing it.  Abstract metal wall art and nautical metal art are always good choices for beach house wall decor, as they offer the feel you want without the visual chaos that too many decorations can provide.  The two pieces below work well in harmony, as well as, on their own for a unique beach house design.

yhst-23119701400359_2202_69041253The Underwater Motion 3D Hand-Painted Fish Metal Wall Art sculpture is a beautiful piece.  It measures 25-inches high by 25-inches wide and features three dimensional sea fish swimming across a background of blue, rust, gold, and silver.  The piece is perfect for adding visual interest and a beach house feel to any decor.

yhst-23119701400359_2202_34114024Another piece that combines the subtle colors of the sea with the beauty of metal wall art is the Anchors Away Hand-Painted 3D Sailboat Metal Wall Sculpture.  This 25-inch by 25-inch square sculpture is done in shades of silver, gold, blue, and white.  The three dimensional rendition of the sailboat sits atop the blue sea background.

Whether you are looking for a piece that captures life above the ocean or life below it, metal wall art can provide it for you.  With the right pieces, your beach house will be the comfortable and relaxing space you want it to be.  Discover the beauty of metal wall art today.

Fresh French Design

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

The French are known for their style and decorating ability throughout the world.  They have the uncommon ability to combine glamour with the everyday and make it work in ways that others envy.  One of the key elements in many of the French designs that are commonly seen today are the fleur de lis symbols.  Fleur de Lis metal art not only features the telltale French symbolism, but the elegance that the designs are associated with.  If you want a style in your room that is more sophisticated than not, incorporate one of the fleur de lis inspired pieces below for unique look that is decidedly French.

yhst-23119701400359_2184_555705302The Fundamentally French Metal Wall Art Sculpture measures 16-inches in diameter and is the perfect circular piece for your formal walls.  Not only does it incorporate the fleur de lis pattern, but it also has the rustic French look with its bronze finish.  The regal pattern in the center makes for sophisticated looking piece that is sure to aid in creating a formal decor.

yhst-23119701400359_2184_557643891Scrollwork is an essential part of French decorating style and the Fleur de Lis Wall Grille Metal Art Sculpture captured that look perfectly.  Done in shades of gold, brass, and black, this piece measures an impressive 32-inches in diameter.  Its size and regal quality make it the perfect addition to any sophisticated and formal setting.

Let the French style of decorating and their symbols and patterns inspire you as you redecorate your home.  The elegance of design can be easily achieved by incorporating pieces that match the look you are after.  Let metal wall art and French design help you create a brand new look for your new room.

Abstract Metal Art Gets Paneled

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Finding the right wall art pieces is definitely a challenge.  When your home’s style is somewhat different, it can be even more challenging.  For those modern homes with a cool metallic tone, there is nothing better than an abstract metal wall panel sculpture that is done in bright metal hues.  The pieces below offer a great alternative to traditional wall hangings, but incorporate the beauty of metal in their modern design.

yhst-23119701400359_2178_36999112The Silver Fervor Set of Four Metal Wall Hangings is a great example of how metallic hues can blend to create a beautiful piece.  These four 40-inch high by 10-inch wide panels feature shades of red, blue, green, copper and silver.  The silver cutouts reveal colorful metal squares that add drama and elegance to your contemporary home.

yhst-23119701400359_2178_19857981For a warmer metallic look, the Copper Conundrum Set of Four Metal Wall Art Sculptures is a beautiful choice.  Each of the four panels measures in at 36-inches high by 10-inches wide.  The silver background features copper squares that are mounted with black wire to create a dramatic effect.  The dimension of the pieces makes it an instant focal point.  Hang all four panels together or pair them and hang on separate walls for a truly unique look.

Abstract metal wall art can quickly give you the look you are after.  The right piece for you will quickly bring out the best in your decor and style.  Take advantage of the many different looks and textures that metal wall panels can provide to get the feel you are after in your decor.

The Rhythm of Decor

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Music plays an integral part in many people’s lives.  If music holds a special place in your heart, you might to consider adding it into your decor by using music wall art.  Artwork that depicts music notes and instruments is perfect for any room where a passion for music takes root.  The sculptures below not only add visual interest to the walls where they are hung, they also make your love for music well known.

The Trumpet Fun Metal Wall Sculptureyhst-23119701400359_2166_155439767 is an impressive piece of metalwork that will draw attention to your walls right away.  It features a black and brown color scheme with a trumpet front and center.  Musical notes flow from the front of the trumpet and curve back around to add movement and grace.  The piece measures 36-inches wide by 32-inches high and is perfect for any size wall.

If a metal music sculpture that is a bit bolder is to your liking, the Sweet and Saxy Musical Metal Wall Hangingyhst-23119701400359_2166_154381844 may be just your thing.  Done in the same shades of brown and black, the metal sculpture measures 28-inches high by 28-inches wide.  Although slightly smaller than the other sculpture, the instrument on this piece is bolder and more centered.  It is the perfect piece for any music room.

Share your love of music by adding music-inspired pieces to your decor.  They will showcase your interest in music while also highlighting your walls.  Take the time to select the right piece or pieces to make the biggest impact.

Dots and Lines in Abstract Art

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Finding the perfect piece of abstract metal wall art is not an easy task.  There are so many different styles that can create so many different moods in your room.  If you want a funky, abstract look, but you need it to still be a bit reserved, the pieces below are ideal.  They offer the abstract look you want while still being more sophisticated.

The Lotsa Dots Metal Wall Sculpture Set of Four Panelsyhst-23119701400359_2148_1912605 is collection of 30-inch high by 8-inch wide panels.  Nestled on a chocolate brown background are trendy dots and abstract circles in shades of olive, gold, pink, purple and yellow.  The earthy palette lends itself to any decor.  Hang the panels together on one wall as a large collection, or break them down into pairs to accent multiple walls in your room.

Measuring in at 12-inches high by 12-inches wide, the panels in the Abstract Adulation Metal Wall Art Quad Setyhst-23119701400359_2148_11883186 bring abstract art to a different level.  These square panels focus on abstract lines and bold colors unlike the piece above.  When hung across the wall as a set, this set of four wall sculptures adds a unique look to your room.  You can also hang them in pairs or in a large square by hanging two above the others.

Let abstract art work for you in whatever setting you need.  There is no need to shy away from the beauty that abstract metal wall sculptures can provide, because there are so many different styles to match your decor.  Let metal art help you achieve the look you are striving for.

Using Landmarks in Your Wall Decor

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Sometimes it can be challenging to find just the right wall decor.  There are so many different options to choose from, that finding pieces that fit your room’s theme is not always easy.  If you are stuck for options, considering decorating using landmarks or landscapes in your decor.  Whether you are searching for a piece for a room with a musical entertainment wall art feel, or one that is distinctly filled with southwestern metal art, there are sculptures designed to fit both themes.  Take a look at the examples below to get an idea of how scenery and landmarks can make a difference in your decor.

Say bonjour with the Eiffel Tower Cut-Out Metal Wall Sculptureyhst-23119701400359_2139_96928382.  This 20-inch high by 12-inch wide black-on-black metal wall art piece is a stunning depiction of the famous Eiffel Tower.  It has a unique cut-out design that features the pride of Paris.  The see-through cutting style allows you do get a feel for the wall color or pattern underneath.  Subtle, yet charming, this sculpture will surely make an impact.

Travel around the world to the southwestern part of the United States with the Desert Panorama Metal Wall Sculptureyhst-23119701400359_2139_28621023.  At 24-inches wide by only 7-inches high, this piece is perfect to use as a mirror or door topper.  The scenery features a desert complete with cacti and the gorgeous setting sun.  The rich brown, sienna, and red in the sculpture make it feel like you are in the southwest.

Add geographic inspiration to your room’s designs by incorporating scenic metal wall art.  There is no limit to the types of scenes you can include, but be sure that they fit the feel of the room’s decor.  With some clever decorating you can make your room feel as if you just stepped out of another country or region.

The Many Uses for Roosters in Decor

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Roosters have always been a staple in decorating.  Whether you are looking to accent a farm style room or add Tuscan and Italian metal decor to your room’s design, roosters can help.  For Old World charm that exudes warmth and style, forget the bold, brassy roosters and opt for something more formal and traditional instead.  The two pieces below provide just the look for a classic room with a friendly rooster appeal.

Calm and gentle, the roosters in the French Roosters Trio of Platesyhst-23119701400359_2140_66536972 make a stunning collection.  These three regal looking birds exude charm and warmth with their creamy colors and classic look.  The collection measures 42-inches high by 8.5-inches wide and is 3-inches deep.  It combines cream, gold, brown, red, blue and multi-colored inspiration in the three-plate piece.  The elegant scroll at the top and bottom of the rack add extra distinction.

Need to increase the rooster presence in your room?  The Rustic Rooster Pair of Metal Wall Hangingsyhst-23119701400359_2140_12569926 can help you do that.  Each trio of plates measures 31.5-inches high by 12.5-inches wide and is 1.5-inches deep.  The six individual plates depict roosters of different colors and shapes for a strong impact.  The combination of brown, gold, white, red and blue in their coloring makes these pieces perfect for any decor.

Let roosters rule in your room’s decor with one of the stunning trios above.  They add warmth and vitality to your room with little effort.  Bring a bit of the country to your decor for a look that will not be forgotten.

Keeping the Kokopelli in Your Decor

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Nothing says southwestern wall art better than the image of the kokopelli.  If you are searching for just the right design for your southwestern home’s decor, consider adding some colorful, whimsical and charming kokopelli designs.  They are animated with warmth and exude a very natural charm.  The two examples below are ideal for any southwestern home.

Brighten up your walls with the cheerful animation of the Kokopelli Dancer Trio Metal Wall Sculptureyhst-23119701400359_2139_104721529.  At 13-inches high by 24-inches wide, this colorful metal sculpture features three dancing kokopelli.  Done in shades of blue, gold, rust, silver and multi-colored hues, these tribal dancers offer an uplifting visual focal point in any room.

Follow the line leader with the Kokopelli Dancers Metal Door Topperyhst-23119701400359_2139_73926738 sculpture.  This 30-inch wide by 8-inch high metal sculpture is made to fit above the door frame of any door in your southwestern inspired home.  A cheerful and fluid line of six Kokpelli dancers links hands and exudes movement when placed above your doorway.  The multi-colored hues make it an ideal color match for any room.  Whether you are decorating the guest bathroom or the main living room, this piece is a perfect example of artwork that will inspire and delight.

Make the most of your southwestern decor by adding some fun and exciting sculptures to the wall.  With kokopelli inspiration, your designs are sure to catch the eye and capture the friendly spirit of the room.  Let metal wall art help you achieve the look you have always wanted.

Modern Decorating with Fish

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

When designing a modern room, it can be challenging to add representations of natural elements into the room’s design.  Fish decor is often one of the most difficult designs to add in, because many art pieces and accessories are either too realistic or too whimsical for contemporary decor.  Thankfully, the Set of Four Metallic Angel Fish Metal Wall Artyhst-23119701400359_2112_50245113 pieces are ideal for modern decorating.

Measuring in at an even 19-inches high by 19-inches wide, these cool colored metal art pieces are perfectly designed.  Equipped with a pre-attached bracket on the back side, each fish is easy to hang and looks good grouped or individually.  Blue, silver and gold are the main metallic colors on these unique fish art pieces.  The bold, yet cool coloring, is in line with colors commonly used in modern decorating.

What makes these tropical fish metal wall decor pieces so ideal is that they are rich in detail, but modern and simplistic in design.  Subtle waving texture on the fish bodies and fins creates a feeling of movement and grace.  This understated beauty in the metal design is very contemporary.

When decorating a modern home, do not rule out fish wall decor as an option simply because it often times comes in inappropriate styles for the contemporary decor.  Pieces like the Set of Four Metallic Angel Fish Metal Wall Art are great examples of fish decor with a modern twist.  Old school fish decor has now been updated with new school hipness and contemporary design.

Photo credit to geishabot.