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Share the Spirit of the West

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

For decades, the cowboy has been a symbol of the American west.  The strong, rough-around-the-edges persona has been personified in movies and television shows for years, but there is also another side to the cowboy.  That rough persona is also one that values friendships and family.  Capture the look and feel of that cowboy with Western metal wall art pieces like the ones below.

yhst-23119701400359_2190_360165772Nothing shows the true character of a cowboy better than the Cowboy and Son Metal Wall Cross Sculpture.  This 18-inch high by 12-inch wide metal cross is the perfect wall accent for any western inspired home.  Done in shades of red, blue, sand, cream, and multi, the cross features a cowboy and his son walking hand-in-hand into the sunset.  The feeling of family and strength shines through in this beautiful artwork.

yhst-23119701400359_2190_359552129The Cowboy Friends on Horseback Metal Wall Cross Sculpture is another stunning piece that depicts the heart of the cowboy.  Measuring in at 18-inches high by 12-inches wide, the sculpture is done with shades of brown on copper.  Four cowboys are depicted riding through the center of the metal cross with lassos flying and at the ready.  It is an inspiring piece that incorporates the true persona of the western cowboy.

Let the image of the cowboy and the spirit of the west captivate your home’s decor.  The metal wall art images above can help you do just that.  Use them to turn any room in your home into a tribute to the west.