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Creating an Authentic Native American Room

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

When you have a Southwestern theme to your home, there is no better way to make it more authentic than by adding Southwestern metal wall art to your decor.  Metal wall sculptures that exemplify the Southwestern look and feel are especially appropriate, as they have both the metal element that is so common in western looks, as well as the theme and design.  The two pieces below are great examples of Southwestern metal wall art, as they feature the look and feel of the Southwest.

The Native American Woman with Pottery Metal Wall Sculptureyhst-23119701400359_2153_71308889 is a striking metal cut-out piece that features a native american woman preparing a meal using an intricately designed pot.  This 19-inch high by 24-inch wide sculpture is brown on brown and perfect for any Southwestern color scheme.

For a look that is just as intriguing, but has a larger view of the village, the Native American Village Metal Wall Sculptureyhst-23119701400359_2153_67210958 is ideal.  At 14-inches high by 48-inches wide, this sculpture is perfect for a large wall.  It can serve as the sole wall art piece, or can be accented by other sculptures of wall accessories.  Its bronze on brown color scheme is perfect for the Southwestern home.

Creating an authentic look in a Southwestern or Native American inspired room is easy with the right accessories.  The metal wall sculptures above are ideal.  Use them to complement any Southwestern theme home and find the room instantly transformed into an authentic looking space.