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Wine Racks for Any Decor

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

It is not often when you find wall art that varies so much in its basic design.  Wine racks, for example, are usually done to compliment a more sophisticated decor that has a love for all things vineyard related.  Thankfully, music wall art and grapes and wine wall art can happily co-exist to produce wine racks that fit the needs of all different types of decor.

yhst-23119701400359_2190_257311290Nature lovers delight in the Vines and Wines Metal Wall Wine Rack.  This 36-inch high by 16-inch wide metal wall hanging features a delicate twisting vine that is accented by leaves in muted fall colors.  Green, yellow, red, and black coloring make this an ideal piece to decorate a kitchen, living room, dining room, or den as it holds three bottles of your favorite wine within its swirling vines.

yhst-23119701400359_2190_171678923For the rock lover, the thought of vines is probably not one that coexists with the idea of a dream rock-out room.  Instead of lamenting the loss of wine in the space, use the Groovy Guitar Metal Wine Wall Rack.  A realistic guitar is used to hold a couple of bottles of your favorite wine and wine glasses to go with them.  It measures in at 41-inches wide and 17-inches high for a great accent to any wall.

Take away the routine of metal wall wine racks and choose something that suits your room’s style and decor.  With the right piece, you can quickly accent the room while adding in your favorite wine.  No matter which piece you add, be sure that it is firmly mounted to the wall before hanging your wine.

Hanging Artwork for a Wine Stand

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

yhst-23119701400359_2124_66716586That beautiful new wine stand in the corner of your dining room looks fantastic, but the wall above it is lacking.  Instead of placing a hanging plant or other nondescript piece of art there, instead choose a grapes and wine wall art sculpture to accent the space.  Since they come in a variety of different designs, shapes and sizes, there is a perfect piece for any room.

The Blessings of the Vineyard Metal Wall Sculpture is a great wall art piece that is actually comprised of four separate 18-inch by 14-inch rectangular hangings.  yhst-23119701400359_2124_43997852Each features a bottle of wine and a wine glass in differing colors.  The grapes and vines that swirl around each panel also add visual interest to the pieces.

If something a bit more abstract will work better with your decor, try the Goblets and Wine Bottle Handcrafted Metal Wall Hanging.  This 24-inch high by 14-inch wide wall art sculpture depicts an abstract style wine bottle and two wine glasses in earthy tones.  Ideal for a formal dining room or a casual basement bar, this piece is as versatile as it is beautiful.

Do not be afraid to hang a theme specific piece of wall art above a wine rack, as it helps to distinguish that area from the rest of the room.  If rectangular pieces are not what will look best in the room, there are circular, square and modern abstract shapes that are also available.  Select the pieces that work best for your room’s decor and design.

Functional Wall Art

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Although wall art is usually thought to be just decorative, it can be crafted for many practical uses, as well.  Whether you are searching for abstract metal wall art or more traditional pieces, there are sculptures that are used for candles, pictures and more.  Explore some of the ideas below to make your wall art functional, as well as fabulous.

Picture This

Pieces like the Flowers of Life Metal Wall Sculptureyhst-23119701400359_2119_7169623 are an excellent example of how beauty can combine with practical needs.  This captivating piece of wall art features six individual frames that burst forth from a tall vase.  Put pictures of family members, friends and special events inside the richly accented copper and bronze frames for an elegant photo display.

Wine Holder

If wine storage is at a premium, try using the Butterfly Breeze Metal Wall Wine Rackyhst-23119701400359_2118_4379596.  This whimsical and colorful wall art sculpture is designed to hold three bottles of your favorite wine nestled among fluttering butterflies.  The brilliant colors of this sculpture make it perfect for every room from the kitchen to the dining room to the family room.  Its substantial size of 29-inches wide by 18-inches high by 5-inches deep ensure that it will create a bold statement while in use.

Functional and practical wall art does not have to be unsightly.  In fact, most pieces that are designed to serve a purpose other than visual appeal are often brilliantly handcrafted and colorful.  Make use of your wall space and choose a functional piece of wall art for your next decorating project.

Wine Inspired Wall Art

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Kitchen wall art is derived from many different areas of inspiration.  Nature, animals, modern impressions and more all find their way into kitchen decor.  One of the most common themes in kitchen colors and patterns is a beverage with natural origins.  Wine decor is one of the most used themes in kitchen decor, especially when it comes to wall art.

A common way that wine is often displayed is in a hanging wine rack.  The Rolling Vineyard Metal Wall Wine Rackyhst-23119701400359_2113_40703509 is a perfect example of such a metal wall art piece.  Its practical design holds up to four wine bottles.  By storing the wine on the wall, it too becomes part of the room’s decor.  yhst-23119701400359_2111_115550202Although there are many different wine rack styles, this particular piece has an elegant curve and flow that makes it ideal for even the most sophisticated of kitchens.

The open metal design of the Tasting for Two Metal Wine Wall Decor sculpture is another example of wine inspired wall art.  It features black metal construction shaped into the form of a wine bottle that is flanked by two wine glasses.  Its open and airy design are perfect for a more casual decor.  At 24-inches high by 15-inches wide, the metal wall sculpture makes a striking addition to the room’s wall decor.

When selecting wine inspired wall art, choose pieces that fit the look and feel of the kitchen.  While practical pieces are always helpful with storage issues, they may not carry the same aesthetic look as more casual and whimsical sculptures.  Once the wall art is added, include wine inspired accessories throughout the room to bring the look together.