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Outdoor Decor That Will Not Damage Your Home’s Exterior

Saturday, September 8th, 2012
Tiki Hut Tropical Resort Metal Wall Sculpture

Tiki Hut Tropical Resort Metal Wall Sculpture

If you are worried about damaging your home’s exterior, but still want to have outdoor decorations, there are some great options available for you.  Whether you are looking to add festive fall decor to the front of your stucco home, or decorate your deck for a luau party, the tips and tricks below will help you add personality to your home without doing any damage.  While adding permanent hooks and fasteners is always an option, temporary or non-invasive hooks always pose less of a damage risk.

Temporary Hooks

Depending on your home’s exterior, the type of hooks you hang can range from simple stick-on varieties to over-the-door holders.  For some exteriors, especially those made of acrylic base material designed to look like stucco, drilling hooks into the surface is a recipe for mold and water damage disaster.  These types of exteriors may also not work well with hooks that simply stick to the wall, as they are highly textured.  In cases such as this, consider hanging your outdoor decor on over-the-door wreath hooks, or mounting screws on porch posts or deck rails instead of on the home’s exterior.  While these options may be more temporary in nature, they offer a good, safe alternative to drilling into brick, stone, siding and other exterior surfaces.

Fleet of Sailing Ships Nautical Metal Wall Art

Fleet of Sailing Ships Nautical Metal Wall Art

Prop It

There is nothing that says that all outdoor decor must be of the hanging variety.  Instead of investing in large, heavy pieces of wall art, choose large planters with mums for the fall or a colorful wreath for the door.  Cornstalks are a great example of an outdoor decor item that would be perfect to prop against the  wall instead of hanging.  Other decor items that would work as non-hanging decorations may include, long planters to line the edge of the patio, table lantern decorations that match the theme of the space and small flags that can be placed in planters.  Try to think beyond just the wall space when designing your outdoor decor.


Big, potted palms and ferns make excellent outdoor decor.  They provide greenery and visual interest without doing any damage to the home’s exterior.  If topiary or dwarf evergreens are more in line with the decor of your home, use them instead and plant either side of the front door or plant them in elevated planters or urns.  Do not overlook the beauty of adding a variety of small pots with colorful daisies or delicate violets to tables and windowsills.

Pine Mountain Buck Deer Metal Wall Sculpture

Pine Mountain Buck Deer Metal Wall Sculpture


Consider stringing small lights around the porch rails or in the small decorative pine trees that are next to the front door.  They will add a great deal of personality to the space, provide excellent ambiance and will do nothing to harm the home’s exterior.  A few well-placed spotlights would also work well to accent the home at night.  In addition to being visually appealing, the added lighting also has safety benefits that could help to protect the home.

Outdoor decor does not need to be based solely on hanging decorations.  Think about other options for using the space wisely and do not be afraid to try something new.  With some creative thinking and some interesting decorations, you can make your home’s exterior take on new life and appeal.

Correct Hangers for Wall Mirrors

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

When you find the perfect wall mirror it can transform a room from drab to fabulous in no time flat.  The only problem is that figuring out the right hanger for the mirror can be challenging.  Without the right tools, the mirror can quickly come crashing down and leave you with more mess than you can imagine.  While not all mirrors are the same, the tips below will help guide you in selecting the wall mounting hooks that will work best with your mirror.

Antiquities in Motion Contemporary Wall Hanging

Antiquities in Motion Contemporary Wall Hanging

Size and Weight

Before you rush off to the home improvement shop or craft supply store for picture hanging hooks, take a good, long look at the mirror in front of you.  Turn it over and see if there are any pre-installed hooks or clasps.  If the mirror is a flat panel without a frame, the hanging materials required will be different from those needed for a framed mirror.  The size of the mirror will play a large part in how many hooks are needed and the weight rating for them.  To get the weight of your mirror, use your bathroom scale and weigh yourself before holding it; pick it up and weigh yourself again, and then subtract the difference.  While the weight may vary ever so slightly from the actual weight, you will have a good general idea about the weight rating that you will need for the hooks and brackets.

Santa Fe Dreams Handcrafted Metal Wall Mirror

Santa Fe Dreams Handcrafted Metal Wall Mirror

Where on the Wall?

Not only will you need to figure out where you are going to hang this lovely new wall decoration, but you will also need to determine what the wall is made from.  Plaster, drywall or paneling will each require specific hangers and hardware for safely hanging the wall mirror.  If the mirror is exceptionally heavy, it is a good idea to locate a stud in the wall and hang it from there.  Not only will this provide additional support for the mirror, but it will also keep the wall from breaking apart.  The last thing you want is for your new mirror to shatter as it pulls off a large chunk of your plaster wall and smashes to the floor.

Colorful Blooms Handcrafted Metal Wall Mirror

Colorful Blooms Handcrafted Metal Wall Mirror

Types of Hangers

There are a few different types of mirror hangers.  For flat panel mirrors there are mirror clips that clip on the outer edge of the mirror itself.  They screw into the wall and are designed specifically for holding mirrors in place.  They come in many different styles and designs which makes them versatile enough to use with just about any mirror.  For framed mirrors, a great option is to use wire that has been attached or threaded through D-hooks or eye hooks.  When properly secured, wire offers incredible strength and durability.  It is important to make sure that the hooks on the frame are just as securely attached as the wire itself.  To add extra support, consider installing an angle iron below the bottom edge of the frame to take some of the weight off the top hooks.

A correctly installed mirror will rest safely and securely on any wall.  Take the time to plan out where and how the mirror will be installed before rushing to complete the job.  A well executed installation will help create a room that is only enhanced by the mirror’s presence.

3 Tips for a More Inviting Entryway

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012
Country Milk Jug Welcome Metal Wall Sculpture

Country Milk Jug Welcome Metal Wall Sculpture

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. When someone walks into your home, what is the first thing they see? In some homes it’s a pile of shoes or backpacks haphazardly tossed aside when the kids get home from school. Other homes have entryways that second as mudrooms. There are coat racks, galoshes and umbrellas gathered for convenience. While these entry areas may be practical, they do nothing for the Feng Shui of the home.

The entrance of your home sets the tone for your home, the atmosphere and mood. It can make visitors feel welcome, or it can make them feel as though they should come back at a more convenient time. Here are some tips for creating a more welcoming entryway.


With rare exception, interior designers will tell you that less is more. Less clutter, fewer knick-knacks and furniture not arranged in such a way as to create an obstacle course that must be navigated. That applies to every room, but especially to the entrance. Your guests should not stumble over shoes or be bombarded visually as they enter your home. Have just one focal point that draws them in.

Draw guests in

When you open the door to receive guests, the goal should be for guests to hug your neck or shake your hand, and as they look over your shoulder into the residence, their eyes should be drawn to the focal point with intrigue or curiosity. For that reason, the focal point, if possible, should be facing the door without blocking the walkway to the rest of the house.

Edinburgh Monogrammed Personalized Metal Door Topper

Edinburgh Monogrammed Personalized Metal Door Topper

Hang welcome signs, metal art décor or a beautiful chandelier in the foyer. Or place a small, unusual furniture piece, like a decorative table, against the wall with a vase, small sculpture or flower arrangement on top. A rug that leads into the home can be the focal point in smaller entryways, provided it’s not just a tool for cleaning off your shoes.

Bejeweled Pottery Metal Wall Sculpture

Bejeweled Pottery Metal Wall Sculpture

Peace versus chaos

As guests enter your home, they should feel like they’re entering a safe portal and arriving at a place of refuge. If, instead, they enter into a cluttered obstacle course of confusion, there is more likely to be a sense of chaos, even if all around them is quiet. They can be overwhelmed by noise, by visual stimuli or by having to squeeze by furniture or coats to get to the living area of the home. Proper Feng Shui is as simple as imagining you are standing at your front door with a large pail of water. If you were to dump the water, would it have a clear path through your home, or would it have to flow around corners, over shoes and baskets and under the sofa?

Vineyard Blessings Scrolled Handcrafted Metal Wall Wine Rack

Vineyard Blessings Scrolled Handcrafted Metal Wall Wine Rack

Home décor is not complicated when you remember that less is more and create a simple focal point in your entry. Consider rustic metal wall art ideas, antique frames or contemporary lighting as your entry focal points.

5 Summer Curb Appeal Ideas for Selling Your Home

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

When perspective buyers pull up outside of your home for the first time, you want to create instant appeal.  If your home looks run down or unattractive before they even get inside, some buyers will refuse to go in.  With home sales peaking in the summer months, the five tips below will give you a leg up on creating curb appeal that will grab potential homebuyers’ attention.

1.   Neat and Tidy

Before you worry about anything else, make sure that the outside of your home is neat and tidy.  Pick up any trash laying in the yard, trim and edge the lawn, and break out the hedge clippers to trim those stray branches.  By making the lawn and shrubs look well cared for, you give the impression that the rest of the home is equally as kept up.  It is also a good idea to power wash the shutters and siding of your home, as this creates a home that looks clean.  No one wants to move into a dirty house, so make it easier for buyers to fall in love with yours.

2.   Flowers

Cheerful, summer flowers can be a great curb appeal addition.  Hanging baskets of red geraniums or purple pansies can add life and color almost instantly.  Be sure that the baskets are well-kept and in good condition.  A ratty looking basket, even with the most beautiful of flowers, will not make a very good first impression.  Planters and pots by the front door or along the walkway are also inviting and appealing.

3.   Flags

Summer is the month of patriotic holidays in the United States, so include a crisp American flag outside of your home.  While some may disagree that showing partiality for a nationality, even for one in the country in which you live, is a negative, but for many people, the site of a waving American flag in summer is reminiscent of childhood and the feeling of home.  If you are leery about hanging an American flag, choose a cheerful decorative flag instead.

4.   Door Wreath

A door wreath can be a great welcoming site for potential homebuyers.  Wreaths speak to attention to detail and the desire to decorate.  When homebuyers see that you have taken the time to decorate the front door, even if it is just with a wreath, they are much more likely to want to see the rest of the house.

5.   Solar Lighting

Although outdoor lighting is important any time of the year, in the summer it adds a different feel.  Outdoor lighting in the summer gives the impression that the outdoor space is just as useable and welcoming as the interior of the home.  Make the homebuyers feel as though they would be just as comfortable sitting on the front porch at night, as they would be inside on the sofa. Solar lighting is an easy and inexpensive way to bring dramatic lighting to the great outdoors.

Curb appeal can quickly make or break a home.  Thankfully, sellers have the ability to change key points to the home’s exterior and make it more attractive.  Do not overlook or minimize the importance of having curb appeal that buyers simply cannot pass over.

Swirling Color for Summer Wall Decor

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Summer is all about the light and airy feel of being outdoors and connected to nature.  Swirling forms and shapes in modern metal wall art not only offer a great look and feel, they also capture the spirit of summertime fun.  When fun colors combine to provide a visually interesting piece, there is no mistaking the impact it has on a room’s decor.  The two pieces below capture that in their form and design.

yhst-23119701400359_2201_120589372For the color lover, the Rainbow Implosion Handmade Metal Wall Art Hanging Set of 6 is the ideal modern piece.  This metal wall sculpture measures in at a combined width of 65-inches wide, a height of 24-inches, and a depth of 2-inches.  On a silver background, swirls of gold, red, blue, and green bound across the sculpture to create the feel of movement and fun.  Spruce up your everyday decor with this brilliant burst of color.

yhst-23119701400359_2201_123955890With just as much energy, but in shades of the summer sea, the Refreshed by Color Abstract Six-Panel Aluminum Wall Art Sculpture is a unique and lovely piece.  The combined width of 65-inches makes it perfect for a long wall composition.  Shades of sky blue and grass green swirl and flow on the silver background of the six panels.

Modern wall art is, by its very nature, unique and intriguing.  Combine the swirling colors and the flow of graceful lines and you have an instantly vibrant focal point for your home’s walls.  With the right wall decor piece, your contemporary home will capture the modern feel you are after.

Decorating the Man Cave

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Having a place of his own is important.  Decorating said place is not always a top priority.  If you are searching for ways to spruce up the man cave without resorting to singing fish or neon bar signs, try something a bit more classy with a southwestern metal wall art sculpture.  Pieces such as this make any room feel more finished and carry the theme of the southwest throughout the space.

yhst-23119701400359_2199_8047885The Texas Longhorn Bull Skull Metal Wall Hanging offers homeowners a chance to see the true spirit of the Texas cowboy firsthand.  This metal cut-out longhorn skull features the traditional native symbolism and design.  It measures 18-inches high and spans a width of 13.75” to make it the perfect piece for any man cave.  The brown coloring is ideal for matching any color decor.

yhst-23119701400359_2199_95673537Combined with the skull of the longhorn, the buffalo provides a rich feel to any space.  In the Old West Buffalo and Longhorn Bull Metal Wall Hanging, that spirit of virality and strength carries through.  While it is large in visual impression, it is moderately sized at 18-inches high by 12-inches wide.  This makes it the perfect size for the walls of a man cave.

Whether you choose to add southwestern themes or want to focus on northern wilderness wildlife animals in your man cave decor, there are elements of each that are manly and strong.  The pieces above are examples of that.  Let metal wall sculptures help you enhance the look and feel of the most comfortable space in the house for the man in your life.

Decorating the Beach House

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Finding the right wall art for the beach house can be challenging.  There is always the desire to stay true to the beach house feel without becoming to gaudy or overdoing it.  Abstract metal wall art and nautical metal art are always good choices for beach house wall decor, as they offer the feel you want without the visual chaos that too many decorations can provide.  The two pieces below work well in harmony, as well as, on their own for a unique beach house design.

yhst-23119701400359_2202_69041253The Underwater Motion 3D Hand-Painted Fish Metal Wall Art sculpture is a beautiful piece.  It measures 25-inches high by 25-inches wide and features three dimensional sea fish swimming across a background of blue, rust, gold, and silver.  The piece is perfect for adding visual interest and a beach house feel to any decor.

yhst-23119701400359_2202_34114024Another piece that combines the subtle colors of the sea with the beauty of metal wall art is the Anchors Away Hand-Painted 3D Sailboat Metal Wall Sculpture.  This 25-inch by 25-inch square sculpture is done in shades of silver, gold, blue, and white.  The three dimensional rendition of the sailboat sits atop the blue sea background.

Whether you are looking for a piece that captures life above the ocean or life below it, metal wall art can provide it for you.  With the right pieces, your beach house will be the comfortable and relaxing space you want it to be.  Discover the beauty of metal wall art today.

Dance of the Southwest in Living Room Decor

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

There is something earthy and primal about native designs in wall art.  They offer a sense of history and spirit that is rarely seen in other types of decor.  Southwestern metal wall art is a great choice for any homeowner who wants to bring a touch of the tribal qualities into their living space.  The two pieces below can be used together or separately to help you achieve the look you are after.

yhst-23119701400359_2199_86658300The Tribal Musician Laser Cut Metal Wall Hanging features a tribal musician dancing across the scene.  It is done in a muted gray tone that matches most any decor.  The abstractly formed panel measures 10-inches high by 7.5-inches wide and is accented by tribal shapes and designs around the main image.  It is perfect for any room that wants to capture the spirit of the southwest.

yhst-23119701400359_2199_89313357Much like the piece above, the Tribal Handprint Laser Cut Metal Wall Art sculpture is done in the same muted shade of gray.  This makes the pieces perfect companions and works well when they are hung together.  The panel has the same unique abstract shape and is 10-inches high by 7.5-inches wide.  The laser cut out in the center features a tribal hand with details and a row of patterning beneath.

Unlike most southwestern inspired pieces, the monotone coloring of the two above makes them ideal accents for any room.  They work well together or alone, but will always make a big impact wherever they are hung.  If you are searching for just the right pieces, these two metal wall hangings may be just the ones you need.

Wall Decor for Summer

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

When you think of the summer, sun and bright colors come to mind.  The excitement of the season seeps into the colors that swirl in our minds’ eye to create a beautiful design.  The artists who created the modern metal wall art pieces below surely must have had summer on their minds when they crafted these sculptures.  Not only are they right and cheerful, but they are just the right dose of summer for any home’s decor.


Soak up the sun with the Sunburst Symphony Abstract Four-Piece Aluminum Wall Hanging.  This impressively sized four-piece panel spans a width of 51-inches and stands 24-inches tall.  It features a swirling blue and silver center from which a burst of sunshine and light rays emerge.  The combination of light blue, gold, brown and silver make for a beautiful design.


If amusement park fun comes to mind when you think of summer, the Primary Blaze Abstract Handmade Metal Wall Hanging captures all of the color and fun that can be had on a hot summer night.  The curving lines of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple seem to crackle with electricity beneath the silver lines.  The pieces is generously sized at 65-inches wide to be the perfect accent for an oversized wall.

Let modern metal wall art help you find the look you are after.  With bright colors and swirling lines, summer is just a wall sculpture away.  Choose the image that best matches your ideal lazy summer day.

Perfect Mountain Home Decor

Monday, February 27th, 2012

There is nothing better than a quiet cabin or home in the mountains.  Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a mountain home offers peace and a sanctuary like no other.  If you are stuck trying to figure out how to decorate your walls, try using northern wilderness wildlife wall art as inspiration.  The pieces below are perfect examples of how art can enhance the look of a mountain home.

yhst-23119701400359_2196_119679066No one wants to run across a Grizzly bear, but they are a great subject for wall art.  In the Foraging Grizzly Bear Metal Wall Art Sculpture sculpture, two Grizzlies are romping through the forest and headed straight into your decor.  The 22-inch high by 16-inch wide wall sculpture is done in shades of brown and features an open-cut design.  It would be ideal for hanging in foyer or as part of a larger grouping of wall art pieces.


Just like the Grizzly, having a moose in your home would do nothing for your decor.  When the moose is featured in a metal wall sculpture, however, the look is just right.  The Mighty Moose Metal Wall Hanging Decoration is 22-inches high by 16-inches wide and done in shades of coffee and bronze.  Its rectangular shape makes it an easy sculpture to display, as it is sized generously enough to fit perfectly on just about any wall.

Bring the beauty of the mountains inside your home with metal wall art sculptures that reflect the animals that live there.  The coloring and size of the pieces will compliment your decor and make it shine.  Your relaxing mountain home decor is just a wall hanging away.