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Using an Abstract Mirror in the Guest Room

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Guest rooms are the one room in the house where you can let your creativity flow freely.  If you have been wanting to try an abstract decor, but no one else in the family wants the house decorated that way, try adding abstract elements to the guest room.  It is a room that is out of the way and will be perfect for hanging things such as art wall mirrors for a stunning look.

The Mirror, Mirror Abstract Metal Wall Mirroryhst-23119701400359_2124_61258517 is a perfect choice for a guest room where abstract designs will be incorporated.  It features a large, center mirror and is surrounded by smaller mirrors for a unique and completely abstract look.  It measures 30-inches in diameter which makes it a great choice for smaller walls or when used in conjunction with other mirrors on a large wall.

If the look of abstract lines is more appealing to you, the Web of Desire Handcrafted Metal Wall Mirroryhst-23119701400359_2124_54621739 would be better suited to your guest room decor.  It measures an impressive 40-inches in diameter and features a large circular mirror in the center.  The web-like lines and design radiating from it provide an abstract feel to this contemporary piece.

Along with sophisticated and abstract wall colors, an abstract mirror would be the perfect addition to a modern guest room.  Choose a mirror that fits your budget, as well as the size of the wall where it will be hung.  Be sure to hang the mirror securely and at a height where your guests will be able to see into it easily.

Adding a Unique Wall Mirror to Your Bathroom

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Redecorating a bathroom can be a chance to add new pieces to the space that might commonly be used elsewhere.  Old vases, for example, that were once relegated to the kitchen can be cleaned and re-purposed as toothbrush holders.  Another easy way to add flair for a fraction of the cost is to relocate the floral metal wall art mirror that is in the foyer and use it to replace the bathroom wall mirror.  By including a fun and unusual mirror in the bathroom’s decor, you can transform the room from being simply functional to flirty and fun.

Sassy and sweet in design, the Floral Fantasy Metal Accent Mirroryhst-23119701400359_2118_28814383 features colorful blossoms scattered around a semi-abstract frame.  Orange, pink, gold and aqua blooms are situated on a grille while a circular mirror sits front and center.  The wall mirror measures 38-inches high by 32-inches wide which is substantial enough to work as the main mirror in the powder room space.  Romantic and fun, this unique mirror is sure to make an impact on any bathroom’s decor.

If you are hoping for a more sophisticated look, the Floral Fantasy Handcrafted Wall Mirroryhst-23119701400359_2118_49411971 will be more in tune with your thinking.  This metal wall art piece features a circular mirror that is nestled in a square frame.  The outer edges of the frame are made up on floral, raised relief patterns that bring color and style to the piece.  Perfect for any bathroom, this mirror will create a one of a kind look.

Let yourself be inspired by the beauty of the mirrors already in your home when redecorating your bathroom.  By adding in a fun and functional piece, you change the look and feel of the room.  A floral inspired, unique metal wall mirror is just the type of piece to do that.

Using Floral Mirrors in Wall Decor

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Mirrors are a great wall accent and can be used in any decor.  Floral mirrors are especially popular and add their own grace and beauty to a room’s wall decor.  With so many options to choose from though, finding the perfect floral mirror can be difficult.  Below are three art mirrors that differ in size and shape, but are great accents for just about any room.

Square on Square

The Floral Fetish Handcrafted Metal Wall Mirroryhst-23119701400359_2112_72064607 is an impressive piece at 33-inches high by 33-inches wide.  It is a square mirror that is composed of smaller floral squares surrounding a square mirror on the inside.  The on-trend colors of the smaller squares make the mirror the perfect accent for a number of different wall colors.  The floral designs are also romantic and calming, which lends to the introspective feel of the piece.  If you are designing for a romantic, but modern room, this beautiful metal wall mirror is ideal.

Round and Round

For a more circular appeal, try the Circular Petals Metal Wall Accent Mirroryhst-23119701400359_2112_61203732 featuring a chain of gorgeous flowers and vines.  Intermingled red, gold, bronze and silver make this metal wall art piece stand out against any wall. At 36-inches in diameter, the mirror makes a bold statement in size, and a romantic statement in design.  Round on round mirrors are perfect accents for softer, less formal rooms.

Using floral accents on metal wall mirrors is a great way to soften the appearance of the mirrors’ lines, while adding visual interest to the room.  Whether using them in neutral room decors or sophisticated floral color palettes, there is a mirror that is perfect for each room.  Add a floral mirror in your next room redecorating for a unique and stunning look.