Light Up Your Room with Wall Sconces

There is nothing more romantic than the soft glow of candlelight.  While some prefer to have candles on the table or shelves, it is not always practical or safe to have an open flame near pets or small children.  In those instances, the next best thing to a candle on the table, is a candle on the wall in a sconce.  Candle wall art has become one of the fastest growing accent pieces in decor.  Fashioned after old-style wall sconces and crafted with new designs, today’s wall sconces offer any decorating a wide variety of styles and choices.

yhst-23119701400359_2190_256598875Bring back old world styling and romance with the Scrolled Tower of London Metal Wall Candle Sconce.  Perfect for a romantic setting, this significant and elegantly designed piece captures both the look and feel of a time when Lords and Ladies reigned in London society.  Measuring in at 20-inches high by 6-inches wide, the dark brown wall sconce features a votive cup to hold your candle of choice.

yhst-23119701400359_2190_255621808If something a little more slimming and dainty appeals to your sense of candle wall holders, the Palace Torchiere Metal Wall Candle Sconces Set of 2 are just the pair for you.  They measure 31-inches high and 26-inches high to give a gentle contrast in size.  Their black coloring is ideal for accenting any room’s decor.

Do not let the lights go out on your ability to have candles in a home with small children and pets.  Instead, embrace candle wall art.  There are wall sconces that are perfect for any decor you have in mind.

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