Creating Motion on Large Walls

Homes with large walls are majestic, but as the homeowners quickly find out, those large walls are often awkward and hard to decorate.  Their size requires unique pieces that encourage the eye to move around the room and focus on the rest of the decor, while also emphasizing the grandness of the space.  Modern metal wall art has the unique ability to provide those features with its collection of beautiful sculptures that span large walls in proportion to their size.  The two examples below are perfect pieces for accenting any large wall in the contemporary home.

yhst-23119701400359_2195_132713089Flowing, dipping, and turning, the Enchantment Unfolded Metal Wall Art Hanging Set of 6 panels is a gorgeous collection of color, movement, and design.  For a total width of 65-inches, a height of 24-inches, and a depth of 2-inches, this collection of six panels works together to provide that vital movement across the wall.  Done in shades of red, blue, gold, and silver, the colors blend together as their lines move and sway across the canvas.  The abstract form is ideal for any modern space.

yhst-23119701400359_2195_113764143Focusing more on the metallic colors, the Wanderlust Six-Panel Abstract Aluminum Wall Hanging features the same sense of movement across the wall.  It is done in shades of gold, silver, rust, and red for a more minimalistic look.  At 65-inches wide, 24-inches high, and 2-inches deep, it is a bold and impressive sculpture.

The flowing lines and metallic focus of the pieces makes metal wall art a great choice for accenting large walls.  The right piece can enhance any decor.  Let metal wall art give you the motion effect that you need on your oversized walls.

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