Silver Trees for a Contemporary Look

When one thinks of trees, the usual greens and browns come to mind.  With leaves and trees metal art however, there is more to tree-inspired pieces than the usual ho hum coloring.  In fact, metal wall art sculptures that feature trees in their designs are usually much more intriguing than their naturally colored counterparts.  yhst-23119701400359_2177_57793236The two pieces below rely heavily on the color silver and while it may be unconventional, these two sculptures are some of the most beautiful pieces for any contemporary decor.

Autumn has never been so striking as it is with the Autumn’s Fury Handpainted Aluminum Trees Wall Art Set of 4.  This bold, contemporary piece captures the beauty of the fall season in elegant orange, reds and gold atop a silver background.  It is compromised of four separate panels, each measuring 24-inches high by 12-inches wide, that blend together to form a magnificent display.  Hang it in the living room, dining room, or anywhere where a burst of modern autumn feel is needed.

Sometimes less is more, and when it comes to color, the Fertility Tree Hand-Painted Aluminum Four-Piece Wall Art Set has captured that essence.  yhst-23119701400359_2177_50656487Done on four panels, the silver, black and grey tree design flows from one space to the next.  When hung together, the sculpture measures 51-inches wide by 24-inches high and has a depth of 2-inches.  Add it to any large wall for a contemporary feel.

Not all tree metal art sculptures are the same, but the two above capture the coolness of nature with their emphasis on silver.  Use them to accent any large room.  Take tree art to a whole new level with unique metal wall art pieces.

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