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The Lure of Fishing in Metal Art

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

yhst-23119701400359_2177_427668951Fishing is a passion that many men pursue.  The lure of the open water, the quietness of the early morning river bank and the thrill of patience paying off are all reasons why fishing can quickly become a favorite activity.  When decorating the home, highlight that passion with words of wisdom that every fisherman can relate to.  Whether welcome signs and door topper decor is what you are after or entertainment and musical wall art is more in line with your home decorating, there are pieces perfect for your decor.

yhst-23119701400359_2177_461760866The Fisherman’s Advice Metal Wall Art Sculpture says it all with its laser cut metal words that say, “Eat, Sleep, Fish.”  The brown and bronze color scheme makes the door topper perfect for a man cave, log cabin, or rustic retreat.  At 24-inches wide by 13-inches high, this metal wall art piece is perfectly accented with a fish hook and lure.  Use it to greet guests and add personality to any room.

If fishing is your life, the Fisherman’s Life Line Metal Wall Art Sculpture is just the piece for you.  It proclaims, “Fishing is my life line” and is done in shades of brown, red, bronze and multi-colored hues.  The beautiful mountain stream that is depicted on the 28-inch high by 20-inch wide metal piece is a great accent for any space.

Let the love of fishing shine through in your everyday decor with the pieces above.  They add personality to the decor while also being versatile enough to fit in just about any setting.  Let metal wall art help you get the look you are after.

Symbols That Are Far From Simple

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

yhst-23119701400359_2173_185975267What you hang on your walls says a lot about you.  Not only does it speak to your decorating sense, but it also tells a lot about your personality.  Entertainment musical wall art pieces that cater to those important and telling glimpses of your personality can make a big impact on your decor.  The two metal wall art sculptures below are simplistic in their design, but big on the message they send.

The Symbols of Love Metal Wall Sculpture is a relatively simple design.  With only the symbols for the word “love” cut into the cocoa brown metal piece, there is something striking about the clear, uncluttered message.  yhst-23119701400359_2173_189239337Measuring in at 12-inches high by 4-inches wide, this beautiful piece is perfect for a small wall or when paired with other symbolic wall sculpture pieces.  Use it to decorate a master bedroom, hallway, or home office to remind yourself of the importance of love.

Done in the same simplistic, yet striking manner as the piece above, the Symbols of Strength Metal Wall Art Sculpture is the perfect compliment for any home.  The ragged edging of the metal gives the piece texture and visual interest.  The simple message of strength is loud and clear.  At a height of 12-inches and a width of 4-inches, it is the perfect companion piece to the love sculpture above.

Let the beauty of symbols take your decor to a whole new level.  With simple, yet powerful messages, you can transform the look and feel of your decor.  Metal wall art can help you achieve the look you are after.

Silver Trees for a Contemporary Look

Monday, September 26th, 2011

When one thinks of trees, the usual greens and browns come to mind.  With leaves and trees metal art however, there is more to tree-inspired pieces than the usual ho hum coloring.  In fact, metal wall art sculptures that feature trees in their designs are usually much more intriguing than their naturally colored counterparts.  yhst-23119701400359_2177_57793236The two pieces below rely heavily on the color silver and while it may be unconventional, these two sculptures are some of the most beautiful pieces for any contemporary decor.

Autumn has never been so striking as it is with the Autumn’s Fury Handpainted Aluminum Trees Wall Art Set of 4.  This bold, contemporary piece captures the beauty of the fall season in elegant orange, reds and gold atop a silver background.  It is compromised of four separate panels, each measuring 24-inches high by 12-inches wide, that blend together to form a magnificent display.  Hang it in the living room, dining room, or anywhere where a burst of modern autumn feel is needed.

Sometimes less is more, and when it comes to color, the Fertility Tree Hand-Painted Aluminum Four-Piece Wall Art Set has captured that essence.  yhst-23119701400359_2177_50656487Done on four panels, the silver, black and grey tree design flows from one space to the next.  When hung together, the sculpture measures 51-inches wide by 24-inches high and has a depth of 2-inches.  Add it to any large wall for a contemporary feel.

Not all tree metal art sculptures are the same, but the two above capture the coolness of nature with their emphasis on silver.  Use them to accent any large room.  Take tree art to a whole new level with unique metal wall art pieces.

Metal Wall Art for Texas Pride

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

The saying goes that everything is bigger in Texas, and when it comes to showing state pride, that is evidently clear.  Texans are proud of their heritage, their state, and their way of life.  Not only do they express it in their words and actions, but they also show it in their decor. yhst-23119701400359_2177_60752441 Western metal wall decor will never be the same now that Texas has firmly entrenched itself into the design.  The pieces below are perfect for showing that Texas spirit.

What says Texas better than a long horn bull, barbed wire and the outline of the Lone Star state?  In the State of Texas Icons Metal Wall Art Sculpture, the combination of symbols blend together to create an authentic looking Texas piece.  The brown and chocolate color combination works to give the metal wall art a beautiful and versatile color scheme.  Measuring 19-inches wide by 16-inches high, this piece is perfectly sized for accenting an entryway, guest bedroom, or powder room.

yhst-23119701400359_2177_64433359Not to be outdone by its symbol-ridden counterpart, the Texas in Americana Metal Wall Art Hanging Sculpture is a laser-cut piece that highlights the shape of the state.  The detail of the American flag throughout the piece leaves no question as to the state’s pride of country.  It measures 24-inches wide by 21.5-inches high and its brown coloring makes it versatile enough to work in any room.

Let your love for Texas shine through with western entertainment musical wall art and more.  When combined with other aspects of the decor, the metal sculptures above provide a striking focal point.  Together with metal art, you can showcase your passion for all things Texas.

Hummingbirds in Decor

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

yhst-23119701400359_2174_68694792Hummingbirds are a beautiful addition to any decor.  They are colorful, delicate, and yet, they have an aura of strength and resilience to them that few other birds have.  If you are decorating your sunroom or tropical home, tropical animals wall decor is the perfect alternative to other decors.  Hummingbirds fall into that category and can really lighten and brighten a room’s look with their presence.

The Flight of the Hummingbird Metal Wall Art sculpture features a beautiful hummingbird in flight.  His colors of green, blue, red, gold, and a multi-colored mix make for a stunning focal point on any wall.  The metal wall sculpture measures just under 29-inches high by 19.5-inches wide which makes it ideal for any medium size wall.  Use it to decorate a guest room, power room, or in a sunroom to reflect the magnificent colors of the hummingbird’s plumage.

yhst-23119701400359_2174_68895319Add a touch of floral inspiration to your hummingbird sculpture with the Hummingbird Nectar Metal Wall Sculpture.  This 22.75-inch wide by 13.5-inch high metal art work features a dramatic crimson hibiscus flower from which the hummingbird is sipping nectar.  The red, gold, silver and green combine to form a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors.

Whether you are looking for floral metal wall art or a piece that is solely inspired by the hummingbird, there are metal wall sculptures that can help you get the look you want.  Think outside the box and pick a wall sculpture that captures the look you want for your decor.  Metal wall art can help you achieve it.

Decorating a Hunter’s Man Cave

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

yhst-23119701400359_2174_66053184Creating a man cave for a hunter can be a challenging prospect.  If the idea of dead animal heads hanging from the wall is not appealing, it is time to look for other ways to represent the animals.  Northern wilderness wildlife metal decor is one way to successfully do that.  If your hunter lives in the northern part of the country, there are animals that truly capture the grace and beauty of that regions wildlife.  The two metal wall art sculptures below help create a beautiful look for any man cave, while still capturing the presence of the animals.

The Old West Bison Metal Wall Art Sculpture is 23.5-inches wide by 17-inches high.  It is crafted with precision laser-cut detail to create a truly unique, yet stunning piece.  The sculpture is done in shades of brown, plum and gold to coordinate with a decor that is designed for wildlife inclusion.  Made in the USA, this piece speaks to every big game hunter who wants to decorate his space.

yhst-23119701400359_2174_66242088Most hunters start by hunting for deer and the Prancing Deer in the Pines Metal Wall Art Hanging is a perfect reminder of the grace and agility of these animals.  The laser-cut sculpture measures 23-inches wide by 21-inches high and has shades of green, brown, orange and gold intertwined in its design.  The pine forest backdrop makes for a beautiful focus on any wall.

Let the beauty of metal wall art capture the look of the animals that the hunting man enjoys studying.  The pieces above have both the look and the durability to withstand years of unchanged decor.  Add them to your space to create a stunning focal point.

Be Inspired By The Past

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Metal Wall ArtTired of the same old wall art to hang on your walls?  If every home decorating store that you have been to is featuring the same things, it is time to branch out and look online.  Unique and colorful metal wall art can not only inspire your decor, but it can also inspire you personally.  There is nothing quite like an inspirational historical figure to change your perception of what can and cannot be done.  The two metal sculptures below offer homeowners a chance to change their decor for the better.

In the Founding Father Ben Franklin Handcrafted 3D Steel Wall Art sculpture, the look is reminiscent of Franklin’s presence on United States currency.  While this may be appealing for a prosperous look, it is also a great reminder of all of Franklin’s accomplishments.  It measures 24-inches high by 18-inches wide and has a depth of just under 2-inches.  The black, grey and green color combination make it ideal for any fun decor.

Metal Wall ArtMahatma Gandhi is known for making people think with his words of wisdom.  In the Gandhi on Life Hand-Painted Steel Wall Hanging, his words ring true and make the viewer stop to reflect if even just for a moment.  The metal sculpture measures 24-inches high by 18-inches wide and is done in shades of orange, yellow, gold, and black.

Do not forget to use the inspirational figures of yesterday when making an impact on today’s decor.  Their words of wisdom and simple presence can inspire.  Let the two metal wall art sculptures above help you.