Timeless Inspiration

There is something special about a metal wall clock.  It has functionality and design, but it also has beauty.  Instead of thinking of a wall clock as simply a functional piece, consider that it can be a work of art, as well.  There are many different looks for wall clocks, so be sure to select the one that matches your homes decor.

For a contemporary decor, the Jeweler’s Watch Contemporary Wall Clockyhst-23119701400359_2129_84840482 is the perfect piece for any wall.  It measures in at a substantial 24-inches high by 26-inches wide and is 2-inches deep.  The gold panels sit atop shining silver bases that coordinate with the beautiful clock face pattern on the center panel.  It is a luxurious piece that is also practical.  It is handmade in the United States and the artist signs each piece upon completion.

Do you need something a little bit wild and funky in addition to being contemporary?  The Waves of Time Abstract Wall Clockyhst-23119701400359_2129_60778511 is just the piece.  The shining silver stripes atop the bright red background make for a stunning look that instantly draws the eye.  Not only will you be able to tell time with this 22-inch high by 25-inch wide wall clock sculpture, you will also be decorating your walls with a beautiful piece.

Do not let the idea of traditional clocks throw you off.  Today’s metal wall clocks offer both style and function in a way that their predecessors never did.  For beauty, as well as, practicality, add a metal wall clock to any room in your home.

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