Something is Fishy About This Decor

There is something fishy about this room’s decor and it is the tropical fish metal wall decor pieces that are decorating the wall.  They are bright and cheerful, whimsical and fun and entirely appropriate for an ocean or nautical theme room.  If you are trying to decide on a decor that has both whimsy and sophistication, look no further than one that is inspired by the sea.

The Fantastical Fish Family Handmade Metal Wall Hangingyhst-23119701400359_2131_104813914 is a beautiful way to add bright color and visual interest to your nautical theme walls.  Five brilliant blue fish swim their way across your walls in this 18-inch wide by 11-inch high by 4-inch deep sculpture.  In addition to the brilliant blue, shades of turquoise, aquamarine and bright green also accent the piece.  Use it in a guest bathroom to enhance the room’s decor, or in a living room where under the sea inspiration reigns.

For a child’s room or a room with a whimsical decor, there is no better fish wall art than the Swim School Fish Metal Wall Hangingyhst-23119701400359_2130_45739185.  It features cheerful fish that swim across your walls in a happy, manner.  The piece measures 19-inches high and 32-inches wide which makes for an impressive wall sculpture.  The swirling line that connects the fish is accented by colorful dots that also help to add visual interest and appeal.

Fish decor is increasingly popular and seems to be always on-trend.  If you are searching for the perfect piece for your nautical or fish theme room, a fish metal wall sculpture is the ideal piece.  There are many different looks you can choose for your walls, but a fish theme is one that is sure to bring continuous smiles.

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