Redecorate with Landscapes

Changing your entire room’s decor is not always an option.  New furniture and flooring can be costly.  One way that you can add a new look to the room is to swap out your old wall art for landscape metal wall art with a new look and feel.  This simple change can create quite a stir.

The Snowy Vale Handmade Metal Wall Hangingyhst-23119701400359_2129_98850805 is a great example of a landscape sculpture that is both visually pleasing and intriguing.  It offers a modern style, but also includes a look of grace and beauty.  At 23-inches high by 35.5.-inches wide and 2.5-inches deep, this snowy landscape is sure to make a bold impact in any room.  The vibrant, but neutral colors go with a variety of wall colors and coordinate well with almost any style of furniture.

For a different landscape look, try the Floral Repose Wildflower Landscape Metal Wall Hangingyhst-23119701400359_2134_131412121.  The bright, sunny scene captures the beauty of a warm summer day in a lovely wildflower field.  The addition of the woman in the painting adds additional character and personality to the design.  This metal hanging is impressively sized at 32-inches high by 23-inches wide.  It is sure to brighten and lighten any room’s decor.

Make a change in your room’s decor with a simple wall hanging redo.  Forget last year’s designs and make the room come alive with a new look that can only be brought about by the beauty of a landscape.  Metal wall art is the perfect medium to find such a landscape in.

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