Wild Designs That Add Fun to a Room

It is not often that contemporary wall art is known for being fun and whimsical.  It is usually more stodgy and modern.  Thankfully, for those homeowners who are looking for something more out of their decor, there are contemporary metal sculptures that make decorating a lot of fun.  The pieces below are example of metal wall art that brings a sense of excitement and whimsy to any room’s decor.

Never let it be said that the Clamshell Calamity Handcrafted Metal Wall Sculptureyhst-23119701400359_2129_59775133 is anything but fun.  At 25-inches high by 39-inches wide and 2.5-inches deep, this fun sculpture is a sure winner for whimsy.  The abstract clamshell shape is layered in progressively smaller sizes on the base brown clamshell.  Multi-colored hues swirl atop the textured brown background and the pearl center clamshell design is an instant eye catcher.  This piece is sure to match just about any room’s decor and will make viewers smile.

Sometimes contemporary art work is hard to define.  The Zany Zigzag Abstract Handmade Metal Wall Artyhst-23119701400359_2128_88602592 sculpture is an example of such a piece.  It is an impressive 40-inches high by 26-inches wide and measures in at a depth of 2.5-inches.  An abstract, ovular shape of textured bronze is nestled below an array of silver shapes and designs.  It speaks of motion and fun in its unusual design.

Find the fun in your room’s theme by adding a contemporary metal wall sculpture that is anything but formal in design.  It will lighten the feel of the room and create a feeling of welcoming.  Be bold in your attempts to create a visually pleasing room; choose metal wall art to help you.

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