Focus on the Skyline in Your Decor

Whether you are looking for a contemporary wall art sculpture or one that embodies the look of an entertainment musical wall art piece, metal wall art is the way to go.  The easiest way to combine both styles is to use an image of something that captures the essence of both.  In this case, a city skyline fits the bill.

Bold and contemporary, the Skyscrapers From Below Abstract Metal Wall Hangingyhst-23119701400359_2128_70114353 is ideal for any modern room.  It gives the illusion of looking up toward the sky, and captures the majestic look and feel of city buildings.  Blues, gray, gold and silver combine in a rush of color to accentuate the lines and grace of the buildings.  This metal wall sculpture measures 29.5-inches high by 37.5-inches wide and is made in the USA.  When hung on any wall, it creates an instant focal point.

Another striking skyscraper scene done in metal art work is the New York Skyline Abstract Metal Wall Sculptureyhst-23119701400359_2128_47965562.    This bold piece places New York’s skyline front and center against a setting sun backdrop.  The beautiful red and gold from a setting sun streaks out from behind the building profiles while the shimmering silver reflection of the buildings is cast on the blue of the water.  At over 25-inches high and 36-inches wide, this impressive wall sculpture is sure to please.

Make a bold statement with your skyline decor.  Use metal wall art sculptures to intrigue and entice passersby.  Strong, focal points were never easier to make than with the look of contemporary metal wall art.

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