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Decorating with the Fisherman in Mind

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Some people are difficult to decorate a room for, and fishermen are no exception.  If you are struggling with how to decorate a den for the fisherman in your life, there are some great options available to help you.  By simply adding some metal fish wall art, you can create a room that your fisherman will love to spend time in.

Every fisherman has heard the stories, and possibly told his own, about how big the fish that got away was.  With the Trophy Fish Handcrafted Metal Wall Sculptureyhst-23119701400359_2129_104856626, your fisherman can make his claim to fame with this 43-inch wide metal art work.  Perched atop two rectangles of shimmering metal, is the perfect example of the fish that got away.  Done in warm browns and crisp silvers, this stunning piece is a sure focal point in any fisherman’s den.

If the cool blues of the lake are more in line with your fisherman’s den decor, the Prize Laker Fish Handmade Metal Wall Sculptureyhst-23119701400359_2129_92567257 is a great option.  It is 21.5-inches high by 43-inches wide and has a depth of 2.5-inches.  Sage, brown and multi-colored areas complement the crystal clear blue of this beautiful piece.  The attention to detail and handcrafted quality of this unique piece makes it an obvious choice for use in any area designed to make the fisherman happy.

Show off the passion and fun that fishing can evoke with a metal wall sculpture in your fisherman’s den.  They are designed to match a variety of masculine decors and offer a truly unique look.  Let other decor styles off the hook and catch a metal fish sculpture today.

Decorating with Chili Peppers

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Accentuate the spicy side of your life by incorporating chili peppers in your home’s decor.  Thankfully, figuring out the best place to include such a theme is easy.  Give your kitchen a little help by including some chili pepper kitchen wall art in your decor.  Once limited to dried chili wall hangings, today’s metal wall art offers a unique chili alternative.

If you want a kitchen decor that is bold and wild, the Flaming Peppers Cut-Out Metal Wall Sculptureyhst-23119701400359_2129_78628437 is a great way to achieve it.  It features two brilliant metallic chili peppers that are accented by a stunning metallic flame display.  Red, orange, yellow and blue flames leap from the background to provide an impressive height of 27-inches.  The sculpture measures 20-inches wide and has a depth of 2.5-inches.  Whimsical and bold, this chili pepper metal art work is sure to make a statement in any kitchen.

Is your chili pepper style more refined?  If that is the case, the Spicy Peppers Still Life Metal Wall Sculptureyhst-23119701400359_2129_99670987 is just for you.  At 28.5-inches high by 33-inches wide and 2.5-inches deep, this classy pepper sculpture is perfect for a classic kitchen design.  The metallic shimmer adds depth, while the peppers add a burst of vibrant color.

Be bold with your chili pepper kitchen design.  Incorporate a bit of metal wall decor into the decorations to create a truly unique look.  With a little metallic shimmer and some spicy pepper heat, your kitchen will transform from dull to fabulous in no time.

Bringing the Night Into Your Room’s Decor

Friday, October 29th, 2010

It is not very often that you have the opportunity to bring a touch of moonlight into your room’s decor.  There are ample opportunities for bright, sunny art sculptures, but rarely do artists create moon depictions.  Thankfully, for those looking to add abstract trees and leaves, as well as the moonlit night to their room’s decor, there are some options.

Graceful, swaying trees are accentuated by the beauty of a startling beautiful moon in the Moonlight Dance Handcrafted Metal Wall Artyhst-23119701400359_2129_50881205 sculpture.  This stunning 29-inch high by 31.5-inch wide and 2.5-inch deep metal sculpture combines gold, black, and silver to create an elegant piece.  The stark, black branches sway across the width of the piece as the haunting moonlight casts a yellow glow.  An instant focal point is created as soon as this beautiful sculpture is hung in any room.

With a slightly more eerie feel, the Moonlight Through the Trees Metal Wall Artyhst-23119701400359_2129_51414999 sculpture combines more earth tones to create an unforgettable visual display.  Silver, black, umber and pearl blend together to to transform a simple landscape into a glowing forest of mystery and intrigue.  At 31.5-inches wide and 29-inches high, this almost square wall sculpture is detailed and uniquely designed.

Bring a touch of the night sky into your room’s decor with a moon depicting metal wall art sculpture.  Whether you are looking to add mystery or create a feeling of nighttime jubilation, the moonlight metal art above offers the chance to do just that.  For a look that is one of a kind, search no further than a moonlight metal wall art piece.

Brighten Up Your Winter Decor with Sunflowers

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Winter months can be dull and dreary, but this year you can change that.  Instead of sucombing to the darkness of winter, choose to decorate with a cheerful aura instead.  Sunflowers are the perfect tool for redecorating a sullen, winter home and transforming it into a happy, bright place to be.  While all floral metal art work can provide a cheerful tone, sunflowers are especially good at doing just that.

The Sunflower Saga Abstract Metal Wall Hangingyhst-23119701400359_2128_73930045 is the perfect example of a wall sculpture that combines the cheerfulness of sunflowers with the stunning effects of metal.  Centered on a 23-inch high by 32.5-inch wide silver panel is a brilliant depiction of sunflowers in bloom.  Their cheerful, swaying countenance adds a striking visual focal point in any room.  The bountiful brown, yellow, sage and multi-colored hues make it an ideal piece to accent almost any room’s color palette.

Sometimes all it takes is one sunflower to make all the difference in the appearance of a room.  The Big Sunflower Handcrafted Metal Wall Artyhst-23119701400359_2128_5177773 sculpture proves that even one sunflower can make a cheerful impact on a room’s decor.  This 23-inch by 23-inch square metal panel is richly detailed to look entirely real.  The sunflower blossom sits atop a stunning blue panel where it is designed to brighten any room.    The addition of green foliage makes the sunflower appear even more realistic.  It is the perfect wall sculpture for the sunflower lover in you.

Let your walls be brightened and your soul recharged this winter.  Add sunflower metal wall sculptures to your room to make a dramatic impact that is sure to last.  When hung in just the right spot, your walls will transform from the dull of winter to the brightness of summer days.

Using Pastels in Wall Art

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

There is nothing like the soft, elegant touch of a pastel to offset a dark or bold wall color.  These gentle hues are nothing short of calming as they focus the eye and give the wall definition.  One of the best ways to incorporate pastels into a room’s decor is to use floral metal wall art.  There are many different styles, but the use of vibrant flower depictions is the most common way to engage the viewer.

The Passionate Pink Hibiscus Metal Wall HangingPrint is an elegant example of a metal wall sculpture that makes ample use of pastels.  It measures a square 30.5-inches high by 30.5-inches wide and is raised 2.5-inches.  An elegant Hibiscus flower is perched atop a solid, shimmering background that immediately draws the eye.  It is crafted in the USA and is sure to be a perfect accent for any green wall.

The gentle, yet bold, pastels in the Titillating Tulips Handcrafted Metal Wall HangingPrint are perfect for accenting any solid wall.  Situated atop a textured blue square is a silver panel that features the gently swaying tulips.  Done in shades of red, green, blue and multi-colored hues, this metal wall sculpture would make a great hanging in any room.  At 30.5-inches square and a depth of 2.5-inches, it is sure to make a statement.

Do not underestimate the power of pastels in a room’s decor.  There is nothing more enchanting that a floral wall sculpture that adds visual interest and intrigue using pastel hues.  Together with the help of a metal wall art piece, you can create a beautiful room.

Make a Bold Statement in Your Decor

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

When you are trying to make a bold statement with your decor, there is no better way to do it than with contemporary metal wall art.  This style of wall sculpture provides the modern look that is intrinsically bold and stylish.  There are many different types of contemporary wall art that can create a truly unique look in any home’s decor.

The Salt Flower Abstract Metal Wall Hangingyhst-23119701400359_2128_66674234 is an example of contemporary metal wall sculpture that makes a strong, bold statement.  The vibrant colors and modern design draw the eye and create a distinctive visual focal point in any room.  It is stunning at 35-inches high by 28-inches wide with a depth of 2.5-inches.  This bold wall sculpture is made in the USA and is ideal for any room where a modern and contemporary look is desired.

Slightly less dramatic, but equally as bold, the Whimsical Swirl Abstract Metal Wall Sculptureyhst-23119701400359_2129_108151914 is every contemporary decorator’s dream.  It measures 21-inches high by 28-inches wide and is 2.5-inches deep.  This modern wall sculpture features a whimsical swirl of color atop a textured silver background.  With the play of greens, purples and oranges, the swirling pattern creates a focus point on any wall.

If you are hoping for a dramatic statement from a contemporary piece, look no further than at a metal wall art sculpture.  They provide the dramatic flair that modern designers crave and homeowners clamor for.  With the right metal piece hanging on the wall, your decor will be transformed from plain to amazing.

Decorating Your Coffee Shop or Home

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Whether your coffee shop is an actual business establishment, or the nickname that you give your personal espresso machine, decorating with a coffee bean theme in mind is a great way to enhance the look and feel of the space.  There are hand towels and coffee mugs that all carry the coffee shop theme, but nothing is more striking than using a coffee metal art sculpture to create a scene.  Check out the ideas below to get inspired.

Nothing says “sit down and relax” like a steaming cup of coffee.  The Steamy Coffee Sign Metal Wall Sculptureyhst-23119701400359_2128_73025748 depicts just that.  It is ideal for a coffee shop where conversation and lounging are encouraged.  At 35.5-inches high by 29-inches wide and 2.5-inches deep, this coffee sign makes no qualms about advertising its wares.  The bold design is straight to the point, but the colors are calming and relaxing.  It is an excellent metal sculpture for any coffee area.

If your coffee space is more contemporary and abstract, the Aromatic Whiffs Abstract Metal Wall Sculptureyhst-23119701400359_2128_3550470 is an excellent choice for wall decor.  Situated on a textured silver background, a rectangular accent piece highlights the many colors of coffee.  An elegant brown and silver coffee mug is nestled in the corner where it seems to invite viewers to take a sip.  This piece measures 23-inches high by 32-inches wide and is 2.5-inches deep.

Create a bold look in your coffee shop or your coffee area at home with a striking metal wall sculpture.  It helps to focus the purpose of the space, while also providing visual interest.  Even better than that, however, these metal sculptures make viewers thirst for a hot cup of coffee.

Decorating the Guest Bath with an Under the Sea Theme

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

It is difficult not to be endeared to a fun under the sea theme.  If the rest of your home is a far cry from this whimsical design, fear not.  An under the sea theme is perfect in a guest bathroom.  By using tropical metal wall art in your decor, you will be able to create a guest bath that is nothing short of fun and amazing.

The Whimsical Seahorse Handmade Metal Wall Sculptureyhst-23119701400359_2129_107962331 is a great example of a metal wall art sculpture that makes a bold statement.  It can fill a large guest bathroom wall, as it is 37.5-inches high by 30.5-inches wide and has a depth of over 2-inches.  Its handmade quality makes it a piece that is a sure investment.  Featuring two colorful seahorses amidst a field of sea grass, this beautiful wall sculpture is sure to match any color scheme in your underwater theme guest bathroom.

The Under Sea Fish Tropical Metal Wall SculptureUndersea Background seems to be saying to passersby, “I have my eye on you.”  Situated on a field of textured blue sea, this metal wall art piece is colorful and engaging.  Its rectangular shape measures in at 24-inches high by 36-inches wide and 2.5-inches deep.  The deep blues, yellow, green and multi-colored designs make this wall sculpture uniquely one of a kind.

The next time you decide to redecorate your guest bathroom, use a theme that is whimsical and fun.  Your guests will enjoy an under the sea theme as much as you do.  With a little help from a metal wall art sculpture, your guest bathroom will quickly become the talk of the town.

Bringing Landscapes to Wall Decor

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

There is something engaging about a landscape.  It encourages viewers to imagine beyond the scene, to think about what might be over the hill or around the bend in the path.  Landscape metal wall art offers the same visual intrigue in a beautiful metallic manner.  If you are searching for a truly unique landscape wall hanging, consider using a metal wall sculpture to enhance the look and feel of your room.

Take the road less traveled with the Country Road in Autumn Metal Wall Sculptureyhst-23119701400359_2129_61391919.  This engaging and elegant piece measures 23-inches high by 32-inches wide.  The metal sculpture features gently rolling hills, trees in full autumn glory and a winding road that beckons the viewer to travel along.  Its colors are bold, yet soft enough to give the illusion of relaxation and peace.  This is a metal wall sculpture that is sure to delight the decor of any room.

If the look of the mountains is more to your liking, the Grandiose Mountain View Metal Wall Artyhst-23119701400359_2128_33640853 sculpture is sure to be a hit.  Nestled deep in the mountains, this 30-inch high by 42-inch wide metal art piece features rocky terrain and majestic pines.  The slightly hazy feel to the design creates intrigue and mystery.  Reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest, this metal sculpture is perfect for a cabin or mountain home.

Use landscapes to challenge your guests to go beyond the face value of a metal wall sculpture.  They provide long lasting focal points and draw the eye back to themselves time and again.  Add mystery, depth and intrigue to your wall decor by using landscapes in your room’s design.

The Sweet Sound of Music

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

yhst-23119701400359_2124_53830264Music can lift the spirits of any room’s inhabitants.  Its soothing appeal and vibrant sounds, make it a perfect accompaniment to any decor.  If you are looking for a way to incorporate a visual reference to music in your home’s decor, add music wall art for a unique and exciting look.

The Guitar Dreams Metal Wall Sculpture is a wonderful example of a piece of art that glorifies the beauty of music and instruments.  A realistic looking guitar is nestled among a swirling array of musical notes.  The sophisticated browns, grays and silvers in the piece make for an eye catching display.  Moderately sized at 22-inches high by 15-inches wide, this stunning piece is sure to let everyone know how much you enjoy music in your home.

Celebrate the bold color and movement of music with the Violin and Friends Metal Wall Hangingyhst-23119701400359_2125_18080119.  At 42-inches wide by 32-inches high and a depth of 5-inches, this dynamic metal wall sculpture provides an instant focal point in any room.  The bold blue, deep purple and shining gold in the piece draws the eye around the musical instruments, keyboard and sheet music.  The detail and design help to create a beautifully crafted piece of artwork.

Do not keep music confined to your radio and musical instruments.  Let family and friends know how much music means to you by celebrating its vibrant movement and design through metal wall art sculptures.  They help to add beauty and personality that may not otherwise be seen in wall decor.