Finding the Right Art for Long, Narrow Walls

yhst-23119701400359_2116_32936407Long, narrow walls can be a decorator’s nightmare when it comes to finding the perfect wall art sculpture.  Some are too wide, some are too narrow and some  just do not match the decor.  It can be a challenging proposition.  One rule of thumb is to start by looking at rectangle metal wall art from the beginning.  As it comes in many different styles and designs, metal wall art is the perfect choice for finding unique pieces that are sure to fit any size wall.  Some of the sculptures that can be used for long, narrow walls are described below.

At only 16-inches wide, the Cyclone of Color Metal Wall Sculpture is a great example of metal wall art that can accommodate ayhst-23119701400359_2116_82657754 long, narrow wall.  Its shades of turquoise, blue, green and silver not only add color to the room, but add life and vitality to the space.  The swirling design lifts the eye upward and enhances the narrow wall instead of overwhelming it.

For even more narrow walls, the 6-inch width of the Sensual Rainbow Abstract Aluminum Wall Art sculpture is ideal.  It stands at a majestic 48-inches high and is slightly less than an inch and a half in depth.  A smooth flowing rainbow design runs across its width as a stunning sun display is captured behind it.  This piece is filled with bright, bold colors that draw attention and create visual interest.

Stop lamenting your narrow walls and embrace the possibilities for wall decor.  The right metal wall art sculpture can enhance the space and make the narrow wall one of the most visually dynamic spots in the room.  With calming colors or bright designs, there is a wall sculpture for everyone.

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